Vishay high-speed infrared transmitter nominated for Elektra Awards 2019

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Vishay high-speed infrared transmitter nominated for Elektra Awards 2019

VSMY5850X01, VSMY5890X01 and VSMY5940X01 shortlisted for "Best Analog Semiconductor Product of the Year"

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) announced that its Vishay Semiconductors VSMY5850X01, VSMY5890X01 and VSMY5940X01 high-speed infrared (IR) transmitters have been nominated for the "Electronic Semiconductor Product of the Year" at the Elektra Awards 2019.

Vishay high-speed infrared transmitter nominated for Elektra Awards 2019
The Elektra Awards are presented by Electronics Weekly to recognize individuals and companies for outstanding performance, technological innovation, and contributions to the global electronics industry. The awards have 22 awards and are selected by an independent expert jury. The "Best Analog Semiconductor Product of the Year" was selected for the final nomination based on a technical function that is significantly different from that of competing products.

The traditional infrared emitter PCB package uses a fully transparent epoxy resin embedded emitter chip, which causes side light to produce a halo in the camera image. Vishay VSMY5850X01 (850 nm), VSMY5890X01 (890 nm) and VSMY5940X01 (940 nm) are packaged in a 2 mm x 1.25 mm x 0.8 mm 0805 surface-mount package with opaque sidewalls to prevent unwanted lateral radiation, especially Facilitates location tracking for virtual or augmented reality applications. At the same time, opaque sidewalls do not require external shielding such as rubber rings, thereby simplifying the design.

Infrared emitter uses SurfLight? Surface emitter chip technology, the radiation intensity is 30% higher than the previous generation device, and the operating temperature range is -40 ° C to +110 ° C. The transmitter is AEC-Q101 compliant and suitable for various automotive applications, such as a transmitter for rain sensor modules. At the same time, performance is superior to standard infrared transmitters for proximity sensors, light switches and small light barriers. Standard infrared emitters emit light in all directions, while SurfLight VSMY5850X01, VSMY5890X01 and VSMY5940X01 emit almost all light and power from the top of the chip. Since most of the light is concentrated on the surface, the intensity of the infrared emitter can reach 13 mW / sr.

On December 4, the Grosvenor House on Park Avenue in London will host an Elektra Awards Dinner to announce the list of winners.

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