Manufacturer of PCB - GCE - will benefit from more servers, 5G in 2020

By 3M 125

Manufacturer of PCB - GCE - will benefit from more servers, 5G in 2020
According to industry sources, Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE) regained growth momentum in 2020 as shipments for server applications recovered after the end of 2019, with revenues down 7.65% year-on-year to US19.02 billion US dollars.
According to sources, companies that had been operating in the red in the first half of 2019 due to sluggish sales in the terminal server market are seeing a gradual increase in monthly revenues in the third quarter, up to 2 billion a year in December. It has reached TWD 10,000. GCE's robust December performance may continue through 2020. In some cases, US server clients have resumed the pull-in momentum with the acceleration of data center establishment, and have begun shipping large, validated PCBs used in BBUs (backup battery 5G base stations). If the source continued.
Currently, server applications account for 50% of GCE revenue, while network equipment accounts for 23% and notebook applications account for 22%. The company's high-end PCBs for server and networking equipment are manufactured in Taiwan, mid-range products in the Suzhou factory in China, and notebook PCBs in the longevity factory in China, with most production lines up to capacity has reached at least 90%.