MG Chemicals


MG Chemicals
  • Super Duster™ 134 Aerosol Dusters

    MG Chemicals' Super Duster™ 134 non-flammable aerosol dusters remove microscopic dust, lint, and foreign particles from electro-mechanical instruments.

    By MG Chemicals 223

  • Label and Adhesive Remover

    The MG Chemicals Label and Adhesive Remover is formulated to effectively remove adhesive, sticker, and ink residues. It's formulated for improved performance on ink removal.

    By MG Chemicals 206

  • 8462 Silicone Grease

    MG Chemicals' 8462 silicone grease is a water repelling, non-melting, and lubricating dielectric grease that provides superior corrosion and arcing resistance for connectors.

    By MG Chemicals 262

  • Carbon Conductive Pen

    MG Chemicals' 838AR-P pen dispenses a conductive paint made of durable acrylic lacquer that is pigmented with conductive carbon powders.

    By MG Chemicals 221

  • 3D Printing Filaments

    MG Chemicals’ 3D printing applications include 3D printing, maker or hobbyist projects, classroom training, and prototyping.

    By MG Chemicals 208