The term eMMC is an abbreviation for "embedded multimedia controller" and refers to a package consisting of a flash memory and a flash controller integrated on the same silicon., eMMC are best available at OMO Electronic from industry leading manufacturers. OMO is a global distributor for many eMMC manufacturers including ISSI, SanDisk, & more. Contact us if you Require more large selection of eMMC below. eMMC can be used with many different types of electronic product.

Image Part # Description Manufacturer Series

Mfr.#: IS22ES08G-JQLA1


eMMC 8GB 3.3V 200Mhz eMMC 5.0 A-Temp ISSI IS22ES08G

Mfr.#: SDINBDG4-32G-H


eMMC 32GB iNAND 7250 eMMC 5.1 SanDisk iNAND 7250