RF Mixer

In electronics, a mixer or mixer is a nonlinear circuit that produces a new frequency by two signals applied to it., RF Mixer are best available at OMO Electronic from industry leading manufacturers. OMO is a global distributor for many RF Mixer manufacturers including Analog Devices, Analog Devices / Hittite, & more. Contact us if you Require more large selection of RF Mixer below. RF Mixer can be used with many different types of electronic product.

Image Part # Description Manufacturer Series

Mfr.#: ADL5365ACPZ-R7


RF Mixer Single 2GHz Low Side Inject w/o IF Amp Analog Devices ADL5365

Mfr.#: HMC557ALC4TR-R5


RF Mixer Double-Balanced Analog Devices / Hittite HMC557AG

Mfr.#: 109728-HMC129LC4

OMO.#: OMO-109728-HMC129LC4

RF Mixer Eval PCB Analog Devices HMC129