RF Transceiver

RF transceiver. Typically, an RF module is a small form factor electronic device that is used to transmit or receive radio signals between two devices., RF Transceiver are available and same day delivered at OMO Electronic from industry leading manufacturers. OMO is a experienced distributor for many RF Transceiver manufacturers including Silicon Labs, Texas Instruments, Nordic Semiconductor, Toshiba, & more. Please check our large selection of RF Transceiver belowRF Transceiver can be used in many different types of electrical devices.

Image Part # Description Manufacturer Series

Mfr.#: SI4455-B1A-FMR


RF Transceiver +13/-116 dBm sub-GHz transceiver Silicon Labs Si4455

Mfr.#: CC2564RVMR


RF Transceiver Bluetooth Smart Ready Controller Texas Instruments CC2564

Mfr.#: SI4438-C2A-GMR


RF Transceiver TXRX SubG +20/-124dBm Silicon Labs SI4438-C2A

Mfr.#: SI4438-B1C-FM

OMO.#: OMO-SI4438-B1C-FM

RF Transceiver +20/-124 dBm sub-GHz transmitter Silicon Labs SI4438

Mfr.#: nRF24LU1P-F16Q32-R7

OMO.#: OMO-NRF24LU1P-F16Q32-R7

RF Transceiver 2.4GHz RF TRNSCVR W/ USB MCU/16K FLSH MEM Nordic Semiconductor nRF24L

Mfr.#: AFE7799IABJ


RF Transceiver Quad-channel RF transceiver with feedback path 400-FCBGA -40 to 85 Texas Instruments AFE7799

Mfr.#: CC2400-RTR1

OMO.#: OMO-CC2400-RTR1

RF Transceiver Lo-Pwr Sgl-Chip 2.4 GHz ISM Band Trncvr Texas Instruments CC2400

Mfr.#: TC35661SBG-007(EL)

OMO.#: OMO-TC35661SBG-007-EL-

RF Transceiver RFCMOS Bluetooth 4.0 HCI -91dB 52MHz Toshiba TC35661

Mfr.#: TC35661SBG-501(EL)

OMO.#: OMO-TC35661SBG-501-EL-

RF Transceiver RFCMOS Bluetooth 4.0 SPP BLE -91dB 52MHz Toshiba TC35661