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ALT, FREQ, M30, 10MM, NO
New from this manufacturer.
E2EX10D15N2M Datasheet
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  • BF

    Dorothy Evans 2020-01-16

    The website is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I can add more than one item in the BOM and also get the data sheet. When I try to send a email to get a quote and I get reply same day. Everything look professional.

  • US

    Elizabeth Jackson 2020-01-04

    I have to sincerely thank OMO, the ICs, modules and adapters, capacitors and resistors, diodes and LEDs, connectors that I need can be found here.

  • NP

    Donald Robinson 2019-12-25

    thank you for your services to my company. excellent product. fast shipping.

  • US

    Thomas White 2019-12-17

    You know what’s sad? I've bought more from other website but they didn't work normally! Luckily I found OMO in time.

  • US

    James Davies 2019-12-11

    I bought the components from OMO and it came soon enough, the packaging looks good.

  • PR

    Paul Johnson 2019-12-07

    Very good service and fast delivery, plus excellent quality of products. It is 100% recommended to all who wish to purchase here.

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Request a quote E2EX10D15N2M at omo-ic.com. All items are new and The excellent quality and guaranteed services of E2EX10D15N2M In Stock for Sale, Check stock quantity and pricing, view product specifications or email us.
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Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
E2E-X10D15-N2MDISTI #000000000003746055
OMRON Industrial AutomationProximity Sensors0
  • 1 $98.0900
  • 4 $93.7500
  • 8 $91.0800
  • 16 $88.5500
E2E-X10D15-N 2MDISTI #OISE2E-X10D15-N 2M
OMRON Industrial AutomationALT, FREQ, M30, 10MM, NO E2EX10D15N2MAsia - 0 
E2E-X10D15-N 2MDISTI #08R8284
OMRON Industrial AutomationALT, FREQ, M30, 10MM, NORoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 100 $84.3200
  • 50 $89.1100
  • 25 $94.4900
  • 10 $102.2600
  • 5 $109.4400
  • 1 $117.8100
E2E-X10D15-N 2MDISTI #E2E-X10D15-N2M-ND
OMRON Industrial AutomationSENSOR PROX INDUCTIVE 10MM CYLMin Qty:1Container:BulkTemporarily Out of Stock
  • 1 $110.1200
E2EX10D15N2MDISTI #71139102
OMRON Industrial AutomationALT,FREQ,M30,10MM,NORoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 1 $82.8000
E2E-X10D15-N 2MDISTI #E2EX10D15N2M
OMRON CorporationALT, FREQ, M30, 10MM, NO - Bulk (Alt: E2EX10D15N2M)Min Qty:1Container:BulkAmericas - 0
  • 1000 $83.8511
  • 500 $86.2879
  • 100 $91.3567
  • 50 $97.2024
  • 25 $99.2705
  • 10 $101.4286
  • 1 $103.6825
E2E-X10D15-N 2MDISTI #OISE2E-X10D15-N 2M
OMRON Industrial AutomationALT, FREQ, M30, 10MM, NO E2EX10D15N2MAmericas - 0 
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