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Tantalum Capacitors - Solid SMD 25volts 10uF 20%
New from this manufacturer.
B45197A5106M309 Datasheet
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  • MO

    William Taylor 2020-05-31

    The seller is very responsive. The shipment from shipping company to my country took a bit long (not the seller fault), but I was delightful that seller follow up the item and quickly response my question. I thought my item would be neglected due to the purchase is small in term of dollar, but I was wrong. Recommended and very helpful. I feel safe doing the business with them.

  • US

    Michael Davies 2020-05-19

    From day one we have received excellent service & support from OMO. They are by far our contract manufacturer of choice.

  • PF

    Robert Williams 2020-05-09

    We are electronic components trading company and we supply components to local manufacturer. We can get good price parts from this company. Sometimes customer need some obsolete parts and can't find anywhere. omo is so professional on souring that they get get the parts from their OEM factory's excess stock. We benefit a lot and recommend.

  • US

    Lisa Roberts 2020-05-01

    OMO deliver on time at very competitive prices.

  • YE

    Donna Davies 2020-04-25

    Good parts. Nice packaged. Fast shipping. Will do more business with omo-ic.com Thanks! OMO Electronic is a great place to shop and you can be sure your getting 100% real top Quality Products

  • US

    Nancy Thompson 2020-04-21

    Thank You. Very difficult for me to buy components oversea. I can now completely buy the IC chips from OMO. Thanks again.

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Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
T495C106M025ATE450DISTI #80-T495C106M25ATE450
KEMET CorporationTantalum Capacitors - Solid SMD 25V 10uF 2312 20% ESR=450mOhmsRoHS:Compliant610
  • 1 $1.7100
  • 10 $1.3800
  • 100 $1.0500
  • 500 $0.7370
  • 1000 $0.6450
  • 2500 $0.6290
  • 10000 $0.5760
KEMET CorporationTantalum Capacitors - Solid SMD 20V 68uF 2917 10% ESR=150mOhmsRoHS:CompliantAmericas - 21000
  • 500 $0.9860
  • 1000 $0.9430
  • 2500 $0.9090
  • 5000 $0.8780
T495X686K020ATE150DISTI #80-T495X686K020
KEMET CorporationTantalum Capacitors - Solid SMD 20V 68uF 2917 10% ESR=150mOhmsRoHS:Compliant587
  • 1 $2.6700
  • 10 $2.1400
  • 100 $1.6400
  • 500 $1.0800
  • 1000 $0.9540
  • 2500 $0.8780
KEMET CorporationTantalum Capacitors - Solid SMD 25V 10uF 2312 20% ESR=450mOhmsRoHS:CompliantAmericas - 500
  • 500 $0.6880
  • 1000 $0.6400
  • 2500 $0.6260
  • 5000 $0.6020
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