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DS1077Z-100+TR Datasheet
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  • PT

    Jennifer Davies 2020-02-20

    I always have good luck with OMO. I have a repair store in my country.Over the past couple of months I have repaired and built several devices and have been able to find hard to locate parts thru OMO-IC. Items are shipped immediately and although it takes a little while for them to arrive to the States, they are well packaged and are exactly what I expected. even order is too small but they are really helpful. I can also get the data sheets which are available on the omo Website.

  • LK

    Patricia Smith 2020-02-08

    I am a purchaser work in a ODM &OEM manufacturer, I buy this part No. from OMO and they work fine. will continue to buy components from OMO Electronic.

  • SCT

    Karen Walker 2020-01-29

    I am an electronic engineer from California, every time we design the Pcb layout, there are some parts really hard to find.and OMO can supply us those obsolete parts. That's so helpful!

  • US

    Susan Thomas 2020-01-21

    In the past, we often met some unreliable companies, which caused us a lot of losses. Since we cooperated with OMO, we haven't changed our suppliers.

  • US

    Linda Johnson 2020-01-15

    I Only buy parts from trusted sources like OMO follow a strict Quality Management System.

  • US

    Mark Taylor 2020-01-11

    Thanks to OMO for the excellent service, all the goods are very good, although it took some time to arrive, it was due to local customs inspection. After long tests, these parts are in perfect condition.

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Other distributor's price
Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
DS1077Z-100+T&RDISTI #DS1077Z-100+T&R
Maxim Integrated ProductsSilicon Oscillator 8-Pin SOIC N T/R (Alt: DS1077Z-100+T&R)RoHS:CompliantMin Qty:2500Container:Tape and ReelEurope - 0
  • 25000 €1.3900
  • 15000 €1.4900
  • 10000 €1.5900
  • 2500 €1.6900
  • 5000 €1.6900
DS1077Z-100+T&RDISTI #700-DS1077Z-100T&R
Maxim Integrated ProductsProgrammable Oscillators EconOscillator/Dvdr 100MHz 118mil 2-WireRoHS:Compliant0
  • 1 $3.2000
  • 10 $3.0200
  • 25 $2.4100
  • 50 $2.2900
  • 100 $2.1100
  • 250 $2.0100
  • 500 $1.9300
  • 1000 $1.4700
DS1077Z-100+T&RDISTI #DS1077Z-100+T&R
Maxim Integrated ProductsSilicon Oscillator 8-Pin SOIC N T/R - Tape and Reel (Alt: DS1077Z-100+T&R)RoHS:CompliantMin Qty:2500Container:ReelAmericas - 0
  • 15000 $1.4900
  • 25000 $1.4900
  • 2500 $1.5900
  • 5000 $1.5900
  • 10000 $1.5900
DS1077Z-100+T&RDISTI #DS1077Z-100+T&R-ND
Maxim Integrated ProductsIC OSC DUAL FX FREQ PROG 8-SOICRoHS:CompliantMin Qty:2500Container:Tape & Reel (TR)Temporarily Out of Stock
  • 2500 $1.5036
DS1077Z-100+DISTI #700-DS1077Z-100
Maxim Integrated ProductsProgrammable Oscillators EconOscillator/Dvdr 100MHz 150mil 2-WireRoHS:Compliant148
  • 1 $2.8700
  • 25 $2.2400
  • 50 $1.9400
  • 500 $1.7800
  • 1000 $1.7000
  • 2000 $1.6200
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