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  • US

    John 2020-09-13

    OMO's service is so perfect, my choice is correct, and I will definitely have more cooperation with OMO in the future.

  • FJ

    Thomas Jones 2020-09-01

    Omo electronic, a great place to shop and you can be sure your getting 100% real top Quality Products i am making a New order Already thank you OMO.

  • NC

    Margaret Williams 2020-08-22

    They sell new and original goods, so that I will continue to buy. Thanks so much.

  • US

    Linda Evans 2020-08-14

    I used to buy very cheap parts at Alibaba, but it couldn't avoid some parts being unusable. Now I buy from OMO, it is more relieved than before, thank you very much.

  • US

    John Lewis 2020-08-08

    I am running a repair shop in the UK, with the help of OMO, I have repaired some equipment, perfect.

  • PT

    Lisa Thompson 2020-08-04

    I always have good luck with OMO. I have a repair store in my country.Over the past couple of months I have repaired and built several devices and have been able to find hard to locate parts thru OMO-IC. Items are shipped immediately and although it takes a little while for them to arrive to the States, they are well packaged and are exactly what I expected. even order is too small but they are really helpful. I can also get the data sheets which are available on the omo Website.

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The price and lead time for 67C4501-45J depending on the quantity required Please send your request to us, Our sales team will provide you price and delivery within 24 hours, We look forward to work with you.
Other distributor's price
Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
2-6754140-5DISTI #2-6754140-5
TE Connectivity LtdC/A, 62.5/125, BLUE-ST, ZIP - Bulk (Alt: 2-6754140-5)RoHS:CompliantMin Qty:1Container:BulkAmericas - 0 
3-6754140-5DISTI #87Y9027
CommScope IncC/A 62.5/125 BLUE-ST ZIPRoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 100 $124.0200
  • 50 $128.7000
  • 25 $133.3800
  • 10 $142.7400
  • 1 $153.6600
3-6754140-5DISTI #3-6754140-5
TE Connectivity LtdC/A, 62.5/125, BLUE-ST, ZIP - Bulk (Alt: 3-6754140-5)RoHS:CompliantMin Qty:1Container:BulkAmericas - 0 
1-6754140-5DISTI #1-6754140-5
TE Connectivity LtdC/A, 62.5/125, BLUE-ST, ZIP - Bulk (Alt: 1-6754140-5)RoHS:CompliantMin Qty:1Container:BulkAmericas - 0 
6754140-5DISTI #89Y4175
CommScope IncC/A 62.5/125 BLUE-ST ZIPRoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 250 $62.7600
  • 100 $64.9600
  • 50 $67.1700
  • 25 $69.0000
  • 1 $72.3000
1-6754140-5DISTI #86Y4612
CommScope IncC/A 62.5/125 BLUE-ST ZIPRoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 100 $80.2700
  • 50 $83.3000
  • 25 $86.3200
  • 10 $92.3800
  • 1 $99.4500
2-6754140-5DISTI #87Y5773
CommScope IncC/A 62.5/125 BLUE-ST ZIPRoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 100 $102.1500
  • 50 $106.0000
  • 25 $109.8500
  • 10 $117.5600
  • 1 $126.5600
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