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Microchip Crypto Authentication Device
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ATECC608A-MAHCZ-T Datasheet
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Security ICs
Microchip Technology Security ICs ensure trust for every system design. Flexibility, advanced features, innovative cost-effective architectures, and ultra-secure hardware defense mechanisms make Microchip hardware-based security devices an ideal way to add trust by design at scale. Common uses include IoT cloud authentication, Automotive security, Accessory authentication, Counterfeit protection, IP protection, and Firmware validation. 
Secure (Embedded Security Solutions)
Microchip Technology Security Solutions are designed to make "trust" easy to embed into any system. With cutting-edge approaches to security, as well as immediate responses to industry-wide attacks, Microchip provides the flexibility to create custom solutions to fit the individual needs of each design, from authentication devices and trusted platform modules, to crypto-enabled microcontrollers and microprocessors, software libraries and enhanced protocols. With a comprehensive security portfolio and world-class Security Partner Program, Microchip can provide the solutions and partners needed to protect your products and ultimately, your IP, brand, and revenue stream. 
ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication™ Devices
Microchip ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication™ Devices are an ideal solution for the rapidly growing IoT market by simply supplying a full range of security features including confidentiality, data integrity, and authentication to systems with MCU or MPUs running encryption/decryption algorithms. The ATECC608A is a secure element integrating both ECDH (Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman) and ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) security protocols. Hardware-based security for LoRaWAN applications is applied through the AES hardware accelerator, which also enables secure boot capabilities for very small microcontrollers. The device uses ultra-secure hardware-based cryptographic key storage, similar to all Microchip CryptoAuthentication™ products, as well as cryptographic countermeasures which excludes potential backdoors linked to software vulnerability.
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Microchip Technology IncECC/ECDHSWI15K reel UDFNRoHS:CompliantMin Qty:1Package Multiple:1Container:Reel27968
  • 1000 $0.5600
  • 100 $0.6100
  • 26 $0.6700
  • 1 $0.7300
Microchip Technology IncIC AUTHENTICATION CHIP 8UDFNRoHS:CompliantMin Qty:1Container:Digi-Reel®15840
In Stock
  • 25 $0.6920
  • 1 $0.7500
Microchip Technology IncIC AUTHENTICATION CHIP 8UDFNRoHS:CompliantMin Qty:15000Container:Tape & Reel (TR)15000
In Stock
  • 15000 $0.6309
Microchip Technology IncCryptoAuthentication Device 8-Pin UDFN T/R (Alt: ATECC608A-MAHCZ-T)RoHS:CompliantMin Qty:15000Container:Tape and ReelEurope - 0
  • 150000 €0.6379
  • 90000 €0.6869
  • 60000 €0.7439
  • 30000 €0.8119
  • 15000 €0.9919
Microchip Technology IncCryptoAuthentication Device 8-Pin UDFN T/R - Tape and Reel (Alt: ATECC608A-MAHCZ-T)RoHS:CompliantMin Qty:15000Container:ReelAmericas - 15000
  • 150000 $0.6209
  • 90000 $0.6309
  • 60000 $0.6509
  • 30000 $0.6729
  • 15000 $0.6959
Microchip Technology IncIC AUTHENTICATION CHIP 8UDFNRoHS:CompliantMin Qty:1Container:Cut Tape (CT)15840
In Stock
  • 25 $0.6920
  • 1 $0.7500
ATECC608A-MAHCZ-TDISTI #V36:1790_18962056
Microchip Technology IncMicrochip Crypto AuthenticationDevice0
  • 7500000 $0.5941
  • 1500000 $0.6069
  • 150000 $0.6275
  • 15000 $0.6309
Microchip Technology IncSecurity ICs / Authentication ICs ECC/ECDSA/ECDHE SWI 15K reel UDFNRoHS:Compliant14022
  • 1 $0.7500
  • 10 $0.7400
  • 25 $0.6900
  • 100 $0.6300
  • 15000 $0.6300
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