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PCN10-48P-2.54DSA Datasheet
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  • TH

    William Jackson 2020-04-03

    Your service is perfect!!! Good quality of parts, good package. All is worked. In the future I will order the parts from your company. Thanks!

  • KZ

    William Jones 2020-03-22

    Generally I buy parts from Mouser or Arrow, but after I found this website, I change to buy parts from them .they supply same goods with a lower price! They help me to save a lot money.

  • NC

    Betty Davies 2020-03-12

    They sell new and original goods, so that I will continue to buy. Thanks so much.

  • US

    Lisa Davies 2020-03-04

    There are no problems with the received components, airfreight is quick and the purchase experience is great.

  • US

    Edward Johnson 2020-02-27

    I have been ordering your good quality components for some time! You are my favourite supplier!

  • US

    Charles Wood 2020-02-23

    Our company didn't have much confidence in sourcing the scarce components overseas until I found OMO electronics, which made my job a lot easier.

More Information
parts# PCN10-48P-2.54DSA is available at OMO Electronic, see description of PCN10-48P-2.54DSA as below .
use the request quote form to request PCN10-48P-2.54DSA price and lead time.
Buy Electronic Components at omo-ic.com .we are an independent distributor of electronic components with extensive inventory in stock.
The price and lead time for PCN10-48P-2.54DSA depend on the quantity required, availability and warehouse location. Contact us today and our sales team will send you quotation soon.
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Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
PCN10-48P-2.54DSA(72)DISTI #000000000003979868
Hirose Electric Co LtdDIN 41612 Connectors 48P STRT PIN HDR T/H PCN 10 SERIES0
  • 1 $3.8100
  • 25 $3.6700
  • 75 $3.6300
PCN10-48P-2.54DSA(72)DISTI #798-PCN1048P254DSA72
Hirose Electric Co LtdDIN 41612 Connectors 48P STRT PIN HDR T/H PCN 10 SERIESRoHS:Compliant67
  • 1 $6.1000
  • 10 $5.8600
  • 25 $5.1300
  • 100 $4.8800
  • 250 $4.2800
  • 500 $4.1500
  • 1000 $3.5400
PCN10-48P-2.54DSA(72)DISTI #H124229-ND
Hirose Electric Co LtdCONN DIN HDR 48POS PCB GOLDRoHS:CompliantMin Qty:1Container:Tray22
In Stock
  • 100 $4.8800
  • 60 $5.1240
  • 40 $5.3680
  • 20 $5.8560
  • 1 $6.1000
PCN10-48P-2.54DSA(72)DISTI #HIRPCN10-48P-2.54DSA(72)
Hirose Electric Co Ltd Americas - 0 
PCN10-48P-2.54DSA(72)DISTI #C1S312300321456
Hirose Electric Co Ltd2.54mm 48 3 swb_[ Xg[g/fBbv bsOڥ 300VAC 2A 1000G/100VDC 20mȉ@100mA 1000VACrms / 1min. +85 -55 PBT/UL94V-0/DDINKiRoHS:Compliant8
  • 8 $3.3500
  • 1 $3.8100
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