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Gas Discharge Tubes / Gas Plasma Arrestors EC 425X
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B88069X5820S102 Datasheet
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  • US

    Maria Robinson 2020-08-11

    Very good electric component, 100% genuine security.

  • FR

    Robert Williams 2020-07-30

    Generally I buy parts from Rs components or Rochester electronics, but after I found this website, I change to buy parts from them .they supply same goods with a lower price! They help me to save lot money.

  • MO

    Michael Smith 2020-07-20

    The seller is very responsive. The shipment from shipping company to my country took a bit long (not the seller fault), but I was delightful that seller follow up the item and quickly response my question. I thought my item would be neglected due to the purchase is small in term of dollar, but I was wrong. Recommended and very helpful. I feel safe doing the business with them.

  • SC

    Mark Wilson 2020-07-12

    My experience to buy components from other online distributor is not good until I found omo electronic this company. They are responsible and professional. I get goods in standard packing and fast delivery. I would recommend this company as your first choice on components purchase.

  • TM

    John 2020-07-06

    I don't buy parts from other online distributor rather than mouser or digikey until I found omo electronic this web. They always supply original goods and good price. They work professionally and efficiently. I can get the quotation soon and get the answer of some technology question and also datasheet. Recommend.

  • US

    Ruth White 2020-07-02

    From day one we have received excellent service & support from OMO. They are by far our contract manufacturer of choice.

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Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
B88069X5820S102DISTI #871-B88069X5820S102
TDK EpcosGas Discharge Tubes - GDTs / Gas Plasma Arrestors EC425XRoHS:Compliant0
  • 1 $1.6400
  • 10 $1.2900
  • 100 $0.9680
  • 200 $0.9030
  • 500 $0.7310
  • 1000 $0.6450
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