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  • TM

    Margaret White 2020-05-24

    I don't buy parts from other online distributor rather than mouser or digikey until I found omo electronic this web. They always supply original goods and good price. They work professionally and efficiently. I can get the quotation soon and get the answer of some technology question and also datasheet. Recommend.

  • HK

    Carol Jackson 2020-05-12

    We found this web from Google when we search the part no. and finally we get the goods what we want. Will definitely buy some more parts. Many thanks.

  • US

    Nancy Wood 2020-05-02

    I used to buy very cheap parts at Alibaba, but it couldn't avoid some parts being unusable. Now I buy from OMO, it is more relieved than before, thank you very much.

  • US

    Robert Brown 2020-04-24

    There are no problems with the received components, airfreight is quick and the purchase experience is great.

  • PT

    David Evans 2020-04-18

    I always have good luck with OMO. I have a repair store in my country.Over the past couple of months I have repaired and built several devices and have been able to find hard to locate parts thru OMO-IC. Items are shipped immediately and although it takes a little while for them to arrive to the States, they are well packaged and are exactly what I expected. even order is too small but they are really helpful. I can also get the data sheets which are available on the omo Website.

  • US

    Margaret Roberts 2020-04-14

    After working with OMO once, I decided to cooperate with them more times. They are very responsible and patient in communication

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Other distributor's price
Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
TE Connectivity LtdCommunications/Signal PC Board RelaysRoHS:Compliant0 In Stock
  • 2000 $1.4800
  • 1500 $1.5200
  • 1000 $1.9200
  • 500 $3.1200
TE Connectivity LtdOUAZ-SH-106L,900RoHS:Compliant0 In Stock
  • 2000 $1.5300
  • 1500 $1.5500
  • 1000 $2.2000
  • 500 $4.1800
OUAZ-SH-106L,900DISTI #08H2602
TE Connectivity LtdOUAZ-SH-106L,900 ROHS COMPLIANT: YESRoHS:Compliant0
  • 2500 $1.9800
  • 1000 $2.0700
  • 500 $2.1500
  • 100 $2.3400
  • 50 $2.5700
  • 25 $2.8000
  • 10 $2.9400
  • 1 $3.0700
OUAZ-SH-106L,900DISTI #OUAZ-SH-106L,900-ND
TE Connectivity LtdRELAY TELECOM SPDT 1A 6VDCMin Qty:2000Container:TubeTemporarily Out of Stock
  • 2000 $1.7500
OUAZ-SH-106L.900DISTI #000000000002451692
TE Connectivity LtdElectromechanical Relay 6VDC 180Ohm 1A SPDT (15.4x10.4x11.2)mm THT General Purpose Relay0
  • 2000 $1.6700
OUAZ-SH-106L,900DISTI #V36:1790_11795732
TE Connectivity LtdElectromechanical Relay 6VDC 180Ohm 1A SPDT (15.4x10.4x11.2)mm THT General Purpose Relay0
  • 26000 $0.8969
  • 10000 $0.9720
  • 4000 $1.2280
  • 2000 $1.7500
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