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NXP Semiconductors
RF Front End Contactless ReaderIC
New from this manufacturer.
MFRC63102HN,118 Datasheet
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MFRC63102HN,118 more Information
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Wireless & RF Integrated Circuits
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RF Front End
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RF Front End
NXP Semiconductors
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0.002282 oz
MFRC63102HN,1, MFRC63102HN,, MFRC63102HN, MFRC6310, MFRC63, MFRC, MFR
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  • US

    James Williams 2020-02-08

    Great website! Just thinking about ordering more components and your products helped for me tremendously! Been along time since I was buying electronics from OMO, I've never been disappointed... thank you!!

  • SK

    Carol Thomas 2020-01-27

    We are a OEM manufacturer, sometimes our customer need some parts which hard to find,and OMO Electronic can always satisfied our requirement . They do good, all parts work fine.

  • US

    Robert Jackson 2020-01-17

    Excellent quality, recommended to you.

  • UY

    Karen Brown 2020-01-09

    Excellent service. Good source for hard to find parts and always supply good quality. Well-packages and reliable!

  • PG

    Mark Johnson 2020-01-03

    As an electronic engineer we do face the problem that when we design the product and found some item is obsolete, luckily we found this supplier and they can supply most of obsolete parts. I would say they are really helpful for us .

  • US

    Jennifer Watson 2019-12-30

    The best part is I am enjoying the cooperation with OMO at a time. Thank you for all your hard work on selling. I work as an purchaser in Korea. I got more opportunity from my company because of your competitive price.

  • PL

    W***s 2019-06-24


  • IN

    V***r 2019-05-16

    Good. Works great.

  • DE

    A***i 2019-04-22

    Shipped with wrong firmware so all 10 pieces went to the trash (they bricked with the first sketch uploaded). The seller would not agree to a full refund even though I documented and proofed everything.Do not choose this seller if you care about your money. I feel cheated!

  • RU

    G***v 2019-04-11


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parts# MFRC63102HN,118 is available at OMO Electronic, see description of MFRC63102HN,118 as below .
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Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
MFRC63102HN,118DISTI #771-MFRC63102HN118
NXP SemiconductorsRF Front End Contactless ReaderICRoHS:Compliant0
  • 6000 $2.9900
MFRC63102HN,151DISTI #771-MFRC63102HN151
NXP SemiconductorsRF Front End Contactless ReaderICRoHS:Compliant3423
  • 1 $6.1800
  • 10 $5.2500
  • 100 $4.5500
  • 250 $4.3200
  • 500 $3.8800
  • 1000 $3.2700
  • 2500 $3.1100
MFRC63102HN,118DISTI #MFRC63102HN,118-ND
NXP SemiconductorsIC CONTACTLESS READER 32HVQFNRoHS:CompliantMin Qty:6000Container:Tape & Reel (TR)Temporarily Out of Stock
  • 6000 $3.2722
MFRC63102HN,157DISTI #771-MFRC63102HN157
NXP SemiconductorsRF Front End Contactless ReaderICRoHS:Compliant0
  • 1 $6.1800
  • 10 $5.2500
  • 100 $4.5500
  • 250 $4.3200
  • 500 $3.8800
  • 1000 $3.2700
  • 2500 $3.1100
MFRC63102HN,118DISTI #MFRC63102HN,118
Avnet, Inc.Contactless Reader IC 32-Pin HVQFN EP T/R - Tape and Reel (Alt: MFRC63102HN,118)RoHS:CompliantMin Qty:6000Container:ReelAmericas - 0
  • 6000 $3.3900
  • 12000 $3.1900
  • 24000 $3.0900
  • 36000 $2.9900
  • 60000 $2.8900
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