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  • US

    Susan Roberts 2020-05-09

    I sent the BOM to OMO by email to get the quotation, and they replied very quickly

  • RS

    Karen Thompson 2020-04-27

    Every time I send the part no. I need to their email, and they reply within 24 hours. So I get a invoice from then and pay. Within 1 week I get the parcel in my office. That's so easy and convenient.

  • YE

    William Thomas 2020-04-17

    Good parts. Nice packaged. Fast shipping. Will do more business with omo-ic.com Thanks! OMO Electronic is a great place to shop and you can be sure your getting 100% real top Quality Products

  • US

    Joseph Evans 2020-04-09

    OMO is very professional and responsible to me. With standard packaging and fast delivery, it is my first choice to buy components now.

  • US

    Michael Thomas 2020-04-03

    Everyone knows that it is too difficult to buy electronic components online, there are many unreliable companies, and I've had unpleasant experiences. Fortunately, I met OMO and everything is satisfactory. If you are the same as me, I recommend it to you.

  • US

    Thomas Smith 2020-03-30

    Thank you so much for this excellent electronic components! BTW, I've been looking for a supplier for my company and you are the excellent supplier I need.

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The price and lead time for XC7Z045-2FF900I depending on the quantity required Please send your request to us, Our sales team will provide you price and delivery within 24 hours, We look forward to work with you.
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Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
XC7Z045-2FF900IDISTI #XC7Z045-2FF900I
XilinxFPGA Zynq-7000 Family 350000 Cells 766MHz 28nm 1V 900-Pin FCBGA Tray - Trays (Alt: XC7Z045-2FF900I)RoHS:Not CompliantMin Qty:135Container:TrayAmericas - 0
  • 135 $2,554.0000
XC7Z045-2FF900IDISTI #XC7Z045-2FF900I-ND
XilinxXC7Z045-2FF900IRoHS:Not compliantMin Qty:135Container:TrayTemporarily Out of Stock
  • 135 $2,827.7700
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