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Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables SAL-8-RK4-RS4-15/K1
New from this manufacturer.
42-10163 Datasheet
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42-10163 more Information
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Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables
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Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables
Cable Assemblies
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42-1016, 42-101, 42-10, 42-1, 42-
42-10163 Comment
  • US

    Richard Smith 2020-08-08

    Thank You. Very difficult for me to buy components oversea. I can now completely buy the IC chips from OMO. Thanks again.

  • US

    James Lewis 2020-07-27

    As far as I know, the lowest price components can always be bought on Alibaba and AliExpress, but many of them fail to work. Thank you very much OMO, the components provided are new and original.

  • UG

    Mark Robinson 2020-07-17

    goods received, very good, will buy again definitely .

  • TJ

    Maria Wood 2020-07-09

    Looking for components in different platform is really a big issue. Because you can get very huge different price quotation and you don't know which company is reliable because there are many company just want to get your money! Now I work with omo electronic several times, all is good, competitive price good service. There is no reason not to work with them. I recommend.

  • FO

    Robert Robinson 2020-07-03

    Best seller and the shipping process is so quick. I got the shipment within a week after they shipped. The components i received is in good condition and they work well. Great seller!!!

  • US

    Patricia Watson 2020-06-29

    There are many platforms for looking for components, and I have been confused by this. Now I cooperate with OMO for many times, which solves my concerns.

More Information
OMO is a global distributor of hard-to-find and obsolete parts.
42-10163 is available at OMO Electronic.We can offer 42-10163 for competitive price in the global market, please send us a quotation request for pricing.
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Mfr.#: M12T-04PFFS-SF8B15


Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables M12 PANEL W/ HARNESS 4PIN F CONN F PIN

Mfr.#: PD-040400-MM0-TSA10

OMO.#: OMO-PD-040400-MM0-TSA10

Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables M12D CONN MM CONN MM PIN

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OMO.#: OMO-PS-080800-FF0-TSA10

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Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables M12 I-STYLE CONN MF CONN C PIN

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Mfr.#: M12D-04PMMR-SF7003

OMO.#: OMO-M12D-04PMMR-SF7003

Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables M12 CON RIGHT ANGLE 4 PIN M CONN M PIN

Mfr.#: SD-040400-FF0-TSA02

OMO.#: OMO-SD-040400-FF0-TSA02

Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables M12D CONN FF CONN FF PIN

Mfr.#: SS-050500-MM0-TSA10

OMO.#: OMO-SS-050500-MM0-TSA10

Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables M12 CONN MM CONN MM PIN

Mfr.#: SB-050500-FF0-TSA02

OMO.#: OMO-SB-050500-FF0-TSA02

Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables M12B CONN FF CONN FF PIN
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