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  • US

    James Wilson 2020-09-15

    Everyone knows that it is too difficult to buy electronic components online, there are many unreliable companies, and I've had unpleasant experiences. Fortunately, I met OMO and everything is satisfactory. If you are the same as me, I recommend it to you.

  • US

    Nancy Watson 2020-09-03

    Appreciated. I have sent you a BOM by email just now and I want to continue working with you because of the good quality, thank you.

  • IQ

    Margaret Roberts 2020-08-24

    Generally I buy parts from Digikey or Avnet, but after I found this website, I change to buy parts from them .they supply same goods with a lower price! They help me to save a lot money.

  • US

    Patricia Evans 2020-08-16

    This is my first time to buy components here, I am very satisfied with the whole process.

  • ZA

    Nancy 2020-08-10

    Exellent service, fast and reliable delivery, very affordable prices. These are the things that come in to mind when thinking of omo. No fake ic's like some other sellers. Small quantities. They will quote you for your prototyping and/or hobby needs. omo is now my number one stop for sourcing electronic components. I recommend!

  • US

    George Davies 2020-08-06

    I am satisfied with the products from OMO, you know your stuff ,well down.

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OMO is a global distributor of hard-to-find and obsolete parts.
MB214M020 is available at OMO Electronic.We can offer MB214M020 for competitive price in the global market, please send us a quotation request for pricing.
Other distributor's price
Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
NCDA1MB200-2200DISTI #70372217
SMC Corporation of AmericaCylinder,tie rod,NFPA,2",dbl act,sw capableRoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 1 $166.5400
  • 3 $159.0000
G823MB20021KEUDISTI #G823MB20021KEU
Amphenol CorporationWire to Board Connector Header Dual Row 20 Position 2mm Pitch Straight Surface Mount T/R - Tape and Reel (Alt: G823MB20021KEU)Min Qty:4000Container:ReelAmericas - 0 
Amphenol CommercialBOX HEADER 2.0MM PITCH STR SMT0 
NCDA1MB200-2000DISTI #E1292732
SMC Corporation of AmericaNFPA CYL,SW CAPABLERoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 1 $164.1700
NCDA1MB200-2400DISTI #E1292736
SMC Corporation of AmericaNFPA CYL,SW CAPABLERoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 1 $175.6000
NCDA1MB200-2300DISTI #E3142527
SMC Corporation of AmericaBASE CYLINDERRoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 1 $169.3500
NCDA1MB200-2138DISTI #E1292733
SMC Corporation of AmericaNFPA CYL,SW CAPABLERoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 1 $166.5500
NCDA1MB200-2350DISTI #E1292735
SMC Corporation of AmericaNFPA CYL,SW CAPABLERoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 1 $172.1500
TMB 200/002M/1DISTI #TMB200/24V
Intel CorporationTransformer: mains,200VA,230VAC,24V,Leads: terminal block,IP0010
  • 10 $28.1500
  • 5 $30.2700
  • 1 $32.3900
MB2002DISTI #70430433
3MOil Spill Absorbent Roll,1 Per Package. 288 L CapacityRoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 1 $263.7400
  • 10 $255.8300
  • 25 $242.6400
  • 50 $226.8200
Amphenol ICC RoHS:Not Compliant0 In Stock
  • 4000 $0.7260
  • 3000 $0.7480
  • 2000 $0.9350
  • 1000 $1.5300
TMB 200/003M/1DISTI #TMB200/230V
Intel CorporationTransformer: mains,200VA,230VAC,230V,Leads: terminal block3
  • 10 $28.9600
  • 5 $31.1400
  • 1 $33.3100
Amphenol CommercialBOX HEADER 2.0MM PITCH STR SMTAmericas - 0 
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