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  • US

    William White 2020-02-13

    Well done to these electronic components from OMO, I really like your quality and services.

  • US

    Maria Wilson 2020-02-01

    OMO provides many brands, such as Xilinx, Vishay, Murata, Toshiba, which are highly recommended to you.

  • US

    George White 2020-01-22

    100% new and original are the main reason I bought from OMO.

  • FO

    Kenneth White 2020-01-14

    Best seller and the shipping process is so quick. I got the shipment within a week after they shipped. The components i received is in good condition and they work well. Great seller!!!

  • EE

    Ruth Wilson 2020-01-08

    I have a repair store, and sometimes we really need some discontinued to repair customer's old machine. This is really a big trouble for us .after I found OMO's web, they help me to resolve this problem. Not even this, sometimes we just need each part no. 1 or 2 pcs,and they can also help to sell .

  • NO

    Robert Smith 2020-01-04

    Generally I buy parts from Arrow or Avnet, but after I found this website, I change to buy parts from them .they supply same goods with a lower price! They help me to save lot money.

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Other distributor's price
Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
C430C683K1R5TA7200DISTI #399-4516-2-ND
KEMET CorporationCAP CER 0.068UF 100V X7R AXIALMin Qty:2500Container:Tape & Reel (TR)Temporarily Out of Stock
  • 2500 $0.2046
C430C683K1R5TADISTI #68K3198
KEMET CorporationCAPACITOR CERAMIC 0.068UF 100V, X7R, 10%, AXIAL,Capacitance:68000pF,Voltage Rating:100V,Product Range:Aximax, 400 Series,Capacitance Tolerance:± 10%,Capacitor Terminals:Axial Leaded,Dielectric Characteristic:X7R,No. of Pins:2 RoHS Compliant: YesRoHS:Compliant0
  • 2500 $0.1870
  • 1000 $0.2050
  • 500 $0.2320
  • 100 $0.2750
  • 50 $0.3240
  • 25 $0.3690
  • 10 $0.4150
  • 1 $0.5830
C430C683K1R5TADISTI #C430C683K1R5TA
KEMET CorporationCap Ceramic 0.068uF 100V X7R 10% Axial 125°C Bulk - Bulk (Alt: C430C683K1R5TA)RoHS:CompliantMin Qty:200Container:BulkAmericas - 0
  • 2000 $0.1729
  • 1000 $0.1759
  • 600 $0.1819
  • 400 $0.1889
  • 200 $0.1969
KEMET CorporationAX,CONF,X7R,.068UF,100V,10%,.15X.29,TR, - Tape and Reel (Alt: C430C683K1R5TATR)RoHS:CompliantMin Qty:2500Container:ReelAmericas - 0 
C430C683K1R5TA7200DISTI #C430C683K1R5TA7200
KEMET CorporationCap Ceramic 0.068uF 100V X7R 10% Axial 125°C T/R - Tape and Reel (Alt: C430C683K1R5TA7200)Min Qty:2500Container:ReelEurope - 0 
C430C683K1R5TADISTI #C430C683K1R5TA
KEMET CorporationCap Ceramic 0.068uF 100V X7R 10% Axial 125°C Bulk (Alt: C430C683K1R5TA)Min Qty:1200Container:BulkEurope - 0 
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