2987079 - PLC-RSP- 24UC/21HC/RW
2987079 - PLC-RSP- 24UC/21HC/RW
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2987079 - PLC-RSP- 24UC/21HC/RW
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2987079 - PLC-RSP- 24UC/21HC/RW Datasheet
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  • BF

    Margaret Roberts 2020-05-25

    The website is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I can add more than one item in the BOM and also get the data sheet. When I try to send a email to get a quote and I get reply same day. Everything look professional.

  • US

    Nancy Thompson 2020-05-13

    OMO enables me to solve the procurement problem, make our work easier, and provide me with the highest quality parts and unparalleled service

  • SN

    Patricia Walker 2020-05-03

    We have not had any issues with the service that I am aware of. The order process is simple and the support is very good.

  • US

    Paul 2020-04-25

    Thanks a lot for this. I couldn’t less praise that their components that work so perfectly.

  • NG

    Edward Thomas 2020-04-19

    I am a DIY electronic device designer. I found all parts which include passive and active components from this web. This is so helpful for my work. Recommend!

  • MY

    Mark Williams 2020-04-15

    I send them a BOM which include over one hundred part No. and they quote us promptly. We buy all parts from one supplier which helps us on saving time and money.

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We can supply 2987079 - PLC-RSP- 24UC/21HC/RW, use the request quote form to request 2987079 - PLC-RSP- 24UC/21HC/RW pirce, Datasheet PDF and lead time.omo-ic.com is a professional electronic components distributor. With 3+ Million line items of available electronic components can ship in short lead-time, over 250 thousand part numbers of electronic components in stock for immediately delivery.
Other distributor's price
Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
7012AALLDISTI #2987079
TE Connectivity LtdTIME DELAY RELAY, DPDT, 240V, 0.1S-1SRoHS:Not Compliant2
  • 5 £583.0000
  • 3 £589.0000
  • 1 £596.0000
Phoenix ContactElectromechanical Relay 24VDC 10A SPDT(14x94x80)mm DIN Rail Module RelayRoHS:Compliant0 In Stock
  • 10 $86.4600
  • 8 $88.2300
  • 5 $100.8300
  • 3 $112.0400
7012AALLDISTI #2987079
TE Connectivity LtdTIME DELAY RELAY, DPDT, 240V, 0.1S-1SRoHS:Not Compliant2
  • 10 $1,055.8900
  • 5 $1,194.3700
  • 3 $1,256.1500
  • 1 $1,324.6600
2987079DISTI #277-9522-ND
Phoenix ContactRELAY GEN PURPOSE SPDT 10A 24VMin Qty:10Container:BulkLimited Supply - Call 
7-1393809-0DISTI #000000000002987079
TE Connectivity LtdLow Signal Relays - PCB V23172B 571X 180
  • 10 $164.9000
  • 15 $158.3100
2987079DISTI #000000000002648909
Phoenix ContactElectromechanical Relay 12VDC 10A SPDT(14x94x80)mm DIN Rail Relay Module0
  • 10 $100.8500
  • 20 $97.2500
MXQ16-30C-M9BVLDISTI #E2987079
SMC Corporation of AmericaCYL,SLIDE TABLE,STROKE ADJRoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 1 $651.3000
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