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Texas Instruments
TPS62750 DC to DC Converter and Switching Regulator Chip Evaluation Board
New from this manufacturer.
TPS62750EVM-413 Datasheet
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    Christopher Roberts 2021-04-06

    Our company didn't have much confidence in sourcing the scarce components overseas until I found OMO electronics, which made my job a lot easier.

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    Sandra Thompson 2021-03-25

    OMO always supply new and original goods, we would definitely to buy more parts from them.

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    Steven Evans 2021-03-15

    I am running a repair shop in the UK, with the help of OMO, I have repaired some equipment, perfect.

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    Linda Johnson 2021-03-07

    We have not had any issues with the service that I am aware of. The order process is simple and the support is very good.

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    Christopher Wilson 2021-03-01

    At the beginning, I learned about OMO on Alibaba. For convenience, I placed orders directly on their website, and the goods would arrive at the fastest speed.

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    OMO can help me find a lot of parts that I can't find on other websites. Components work well on machines. Thanks.

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Request a quote TPS62750EVM-413 at All items are new and The excellent quality and guaranteed services of TPS62750EVM-413 In Stock for Sale, Check stock quantity and pricing, view product specifications or email us.
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Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
TPS62750EVM-413DISTI #V36:1790_07206134
Texas InstrumentsTPS62750 DC to DC Converter and Switching Regulator Chip Evaluation Board0
  • 1 $50.2300
TPS62750EVM-413DISTI #TPS62750EVM-413
Texas InstrumentsEvaluation Board For Step-Down Converter - Boxed Product (Development Kits) (Alt: TPS62750EVM-413)RoHS:Not CompliantMin Qty:1Container:BoxAmericas - 0
  • 1 $50.6900
TPS62750EVM-413DISTI #296-31262-ND
Texas InstrumentsEVAL MODULE FOR TPS62750-413RoHS:Not compliantMin Qty:1Container:Box2
In Stock
  • 1 $50.8800
TPS62750EVM-413DISTI #50R8135
Texas InstrumentsDC/DC CONVERTER, STEP DOWN, EVALUATION MODULE,Silicon Manufacturer:Texas Instruments,Silicon Core Number:TPS62750,Kit Application Type:Power Management - Voltage Regulator,Application Sub Type:Step Down DC / DC Converter RoHS Compliant: Yes10
  • 1 $6.2800
TPS62750EVM-413DISTI #26735448
Texas InstrumentsTPS62750 DC to DC Converter and Switching Regulator Chip Evaluation Board12
  • 10 $56.7168
  • 5 $58.2292
  • 3 $59.8245
  • 2 $61.5097
  • 1 $62.3884
Texas InstrumentsTPS62750EVM-413 Evaluation Module12
  • 1 $49.0000
TPS62750EVM-413DISTI #595-TPS62750EVM-413
Texas InstrumentsPower Management IC Development Tools TPS62750EVM-413RoHS:Compliant4
  • 1 $50.7300
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