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  • UG

    Paul 2020-03-30

    goods received, very good, will buy again definitely .

  • US

    Patricia Thompson 2020-03-18

    I'm from the United States. As an electrical engineer, we often worry about outdated parts. OMO solves our problems perfectly.

  • BY

    Daniel Jackson 2020-03-08

    At first time I am fear to make payment due to we not buy goods from oversea yet, but after first trial order, we make payment and receive goods in time by DHL. Then we try to buy more parts from this web, I could said they are a responsible and trustful company.

  • RS

    Joseph White 2020-02-29

    Every time I send the part no. I need to their email, and they reply within 24 hours. So I get a invoice from then and pay. Within 1 week I get the parcel in my office. That's so easy and convenient.

  • US

    David Davies 2020-02-23

    I bought the components not shown on the OMO website by email, many thanks.

  • US

    Patricia Taylor 2020-02-19

    I knew OMO for the first time because I searched online for a part number that was hard to buy, and OMO soon found it for me.

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Other distributor's price
Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
MRJ11204DISTI #87K2885 1825535-1
TE Connectivity LtdSWITCH, ROTARY, SP12T, 20V,No. of Switch Positions:12 Position,No. of Poles:1 Pole,Angle of Throw:30°,Contact Current AC Max:-,Contact Voltage AC Max:20V,Product Range:MRJ Series,Illumination:Non Illuminated RoHS Compliant: Yes0
  • 1 $28.8300
MRJ11204DISTI #1825535-1
TE Connectivity LtdSwitch Rotary SP12T 12 Long Thin Knob PC Pins 20VAC 20VDC 0.4VA - Bulk (Alt: 1825535-1)RoHS:CompliantMin Qty:200Container:BulkAmericas - 0
  • 2000 $13.9900
  • 1200 $14.3900
  • 800 $18.2900
  • 400 $26.4900
  • 200 $27.3900
MRJ11204DISTI #506-MRJ11204
TE Connectivity LtdRotary Switches SWITCH ROTARY 12POS SINGLE POLERoHS:Compliant0
  • 200 $30.3000
TE Connectivity LtdRotary Switches MRJ11204Americas -
  • 200 $22.5500
  • 600 $16.8300
  • 1000 $13.6800
  • 2600 $12.1000
TE Connectivity LtdRotary Switches SWITCH ROTARY 12POS SINGLE POLEAmericas -
  • 200 $22.5500
  • 600 $16.8300
  • 1000 $13.6800
  • 2600 $12.1000
MRJ112DISTI #506-MRJ112
TE Connectivity LtdRotary Switches 1 POLE 2-12 POS ADJRoHS:Not compliant0 
MRJ11204DISTI #MRJ11204-ND
TE Connectivity LtdSWITCH ROTARY 2-12POS 0.4VA 20VRoHS:Not compliantMin Qty:1Container:Bulk887
In Stock
  • 250 $26.5145
  • 100 $27.4614
  • 50 $31.2492
  • 25 $31.7228
  • 10 $32.1960
  • 1 $34.5600
MRJ11204DISTI #000000000002659895
TE Connectivity LtdRotary Switches SWITCH ROTARY 12POS SINGLE POLE0 
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New and Original
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