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Analog Devices / Linear Technology
Switching Voltage Regulators High Voltage Dual Output Synchronous Step-Down Controller
New from this manufacturer.
LTC3890MPGN-3#TRPBF Datasheet
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LTC3890MPGN-3#TRPBF more Information
Product Attribute
Attribute Value
Product Category:
Switching Voltage Regulators
Product Type:
Switching Voltage Regulators
Package / Case:
Mounting Style:
PMIC - Power Management ICs
Low IQ Dual 2-Phase Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter
Development Kit:
Analog Devices Inc.
Analog Devices / Linear Technology
Quiescent Current:
60 uA
Input Voltage MAX:
60 V
Input Voltage:
4 V to 60 V
Input Voltage MIN:
4 V
Factory Pack Quantity:
Number of Outputs:
2 Output
Output Current:
15 A
Switching Frequency:
105 kHz to 835 kHz
1.75 mm
Output Voltage:
0.8 V to 24 V
Operating Supply Current:
0.050 mA
Load Regulation:
0.01 %
Operating Temperature Range:
- 55 C to + 150 C
Minimum Operating Temperature:
- 55 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:
+ 150 C
LTC3890MPGN-3#, LTC3890MPGN-, LTC3890MP, LTC3890, LTC389, LTC38, LTC3, LTC
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Descriptions of LTC3890MPGN-3#TRPBF provided by its other distributors.
DP-SWREG/Controller, High Voltage Dual Output Synchronous Step-Down Controller
Linear Technology
LTC3890-3 - 60V Low IQ, Dual, 2-Phase Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Controller
Component Distributors Inc.
High Voltage Dual Output Synchronous Step-Down Controller
Richardson RFPD
Analog Devices
The LTC3890-3 is a high performance dual step-down switching regulator DC/DC controller that drives all N-channel synchronous power MOSFET stages. A constant frequency current mode architecture allows a phase-lockable frequency of up to 850kHz. Power loss and supply noise are minimized by operating the two controller output stages out-of-phase. The 50μA no-load quiescent current extends operating life in battery-powered systems. OPTI-LOOP® compensation allows the transient response to be optimized over a wide range of output capacitance and ESR values. A wide 4V to 60V input supply range encompasses a wide range of intermediate bus voltages and battery chemistries. Independent TRACK/SS pins for each controller ramp the output voltages during start-up. Current mode control limits the inductor current during short-circuit conditions. The PLLIN/MODE pin selects among Burst Mode operation, pulse-skipping mode, or continuous conduction mode at light loads. For versions with different and/or additional features, see the LTC3890 family summary, Table 1, in the Pin Functions section of this data sheet. LTC3890 LTC3890-1 LTC3890-2 LTC3890-3 Adjustable Current Limit Yes No Yes No CLKOUT/PHASMD for Multiphase Operation Yes No Yes No Number of PGood Outputs 2 1 2 1 OVP – Bottom Gate Crowbar Yes Yes No No Current Limit Foldback Yes Yes No No Light Load Operation when Synced to External Clock Forced Continuous Forced Continuous Pulse Skipping Pulse Skipping SENSE Pins Common Mode Range Common Mode < 0.5V Requires VFB < 0.65V Common Mode < 0.5V Requires VFB < 0.65V Not Dependant on VFB. Easy to make a non-synchronous Boost or SEPIC Not Dependant on VFB. Easy to make a non-synchronous Boost or SEPIC Package 5X5 QFN-32 SSOP-28 5X5 QFN-32 SSOP-28 Applications Automotive Always-On Systems Battery Operated Digital Devices Distributed DC Power Systems
More Information
LTC389x Synchronous DC/DC Controllers
Linear Technology/Analog Devices LTC389x Synchronous Controllers are high-performance step-down switching regulator DC/DC controllers. The LTC389x controllers, with the exception of the LTC3894 series, drive all N-channel synchronous power MOSFET stages. The MOSFET stage can operate from input voltages up to 150V. The high-voltage LTC3894 Controllers drive a P-channel power MOSFET switch. LTC389x's constant-frequency, current-mode architecture achieves up to an 850kHz phase-lockable frequency. Designers can program the gate drive voltage from 5V to 10V. This programming enables the use of standard-level or logic FETs for maximum efficiency. Using external resistors, designers can also program the output voltage from 0.8V to 60V. Pin-programming allows for a fixed 5V or 3.3V output voltage.
Power Management ADI SLP
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