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  • US

    Helen Smith 2020-02-23

    After working with OMO once, I decided to cooperate with them more times. They are very responsible and patient in communication

  • US

    Helen Brown 2020-02-11

    The delivery of the components was far exceeded my expectation, meeting my immediate needs and made my project to proceed quickly and smoothly.

  • AR

    Robert Watson 2020-02-01

    After first time deal with omo electronic we try get more orders to them .and everything is so good.they work patiently and responsible. At first I do fear to deal, but now I change my mind, I turn more orders from avnet to them. Will do more business.

  • US

    Michael Thomas 2020-01-24

    Great website! Just thinking about ordering more components and your products helped for me tremendously! Been along time since I was buying electronics from OMO, I've never been disappointed... thank you!!

  • US

    Joseph Smith 2020-01-18

    OMO talk to us on a daily basis which ensures all necessary feedback is delivered in a timely fashion, at the soonest possible opportunity.”

  • US

    Lisa Robinson 2020-01-14

    This website prove that my choice is correct. Thanks for your efforts, your electronic components were impeccable.

More Information
OMO is experienced in sourcing hard-to-find and obsolete parts.
G2310B is available at OMO Electronic. Email us to get the quotation lead time and stock availability.
Other distributor's price
Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
01481DISTI #01481-ND
Steinel America IncHANGER HEAT GUN OVRHEAD SECURITYRoHS:CompliantMin Qty:1Container:BoxLimited Supply - Call 
07081DISTI #SDL4060-ND
Steinel America IncNOZZLE REDUCTION 3/4"RoHS:Not compliantMin Qty:1Container:Bulk2
In Stock
  • 1 $15.7700
110049588DISTI #110049588-ND
Steinel America IncMAGNET HEAT GUN ARM FOR XX10 HGRoHS:Not compliantMin Qty:1Container:BagTemporarily Out of Stock
  • 1 $45.9700
1483DISTI #1483ST-ND
Steinel America IncINDUSTRIAL SECURITY HANGERRoHS:CompliantMin Qty:1Container:BagLimited Supply - Call 
110048645DISTI #SDL1300-ND
Steinel America IncNOZZLE REFLECTOR 39MMRoHS:Not compliantMin Qty:1Container:Bulk8
In Stock
  • 1 $15.7700
110048643DISTI #110048643-ND
Steinel America IncNOZZLE SURFACE AIR SPREADER 2"RoHS:Not compliantMin Qty:1Container:BoxTemporarily Out of Stock
  • 1 $15.3100
110038643DISTI #110038643-ND
Steinel America IncFLEX VAC UP ARM FOR XX10 HGRoHS:Not compliantMin Qty:1Container:BagTemporarily Out of Stock
  • 1 $90.1200
110048644DISTI #110048644-ND
Steinel America IncNOZZLE SURFACE AIR SPREADER 3"RoHS:Not compliantMin Qty:1Container:BoxTemporarily Out of Stock
  • 1 $15.3100
01410DISTI #SDL4058-ND
Steinel America IncSTAND HEAT GUN METALRoHS:Not compliantMin Qty:1Container:BoxLimited Supply - Call 
07031DISTI #07031-ND
Steinel America IncNOZZLE WINDOW AIR DEFLECTOR 2"RoHS:Not compliantMin Qty:1Container:BoxLimited Supply - Call 
110048749DISTI #110048749-ND
Steinel America IncNOZZLE WINDOW AIR DEFLECTOR 3"RoHS:Not compliantMin Qty:1Container:BoxTemporarily Out of Stock
  • 1 $15.3100
110048650DISTI #SDL1304-ND
Steinel America IncNOZZLE REFLECTOR 75MM FITS ALLRoHS:Not compliantMin Qty:1Container:Bulk4
In Stock
  • 1 $20.4300
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