ME15N10-G ME15N10
ME15N10-G ME15N10
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ME15N10-G ME15N10
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  • CY

    Joseph Taylor 2020-03-29

    I order a BOM list which include over 50 part no. but each item small quantity from this company. After I get the goods, all parts are in vacuum sealed packing with the label show part no. quantity and Date code. They are so processional and patient in their job. I feel so good to work with this company.

  • GB

    James Wood 2020-03-17

    Every time received goods within a few days and the parcel is always in good packing condition. The components are in vacuum sealed packing. And the parts work fine. That's awesome!

  • VE

    Watson 2020-03-07

    Generally I buy parts from Mouser or TME, but after I found this website, I change to buy parts from them .they supply same goods with a lower price! They help me to save a lot money.

  • HK

    Maria 2020-02-28

    We found this web from Google when we search the part no. and finally we get the goods what we want. Will definitely buy some more parts. Many thanks.

  • FR

    Helen Watson 2020-02-22

    Generally I buy parts from Rs components or Rochester electronics, but after I found this website, I change to buy parts from them .they supply same goods with a lower price! They help me to save lot money.

  • US

    David Davies 2020-02-18

    I knew OMO for the first time because I searched online for a part number that was hard to buy, and OMO soon found it for me.

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Request a quote ME15N10-G ME15N10 at All items are new and The excellent quality and guaranteed services of ME15N10-G ME15N10 In Stock for Sale, Check stock quantity and pricing, view product specifications or email us.
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Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
ME150A1551N01DISTI #71316527
SL Power ElectronicsPower Supply,AC-DC,Desktop,Medical,150W,[email protected],100-264V In,Class IIRoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 100 $117.1800
ME150A1551N01DISTI #ME150A1551N01
SL Power ElectronicsAC to DC Power Supply Single-Output 15V 10A 150W - Bulk (Alt: ME150A1551N01)RoHS:CompliantMin Qty:20Container:BulkAmericas - 0
  • 200 $94.6667
  • 120 $97.2603
  • 80 $101.4286
  • 40 $104.4118
  • 20 $112.6984
ME150A1551N01DISTI #000000000005725221
SL Power ElectronicsDesktop AC Adapters20
  • 1 $101.4300
  • 14 $95.9500
  • 35 $93.4200
  • 70 $91.0300
ME150A1551N01DISTI #271-3072-ND
SL Power ElectronicsMEDICAL, SWITCHING EXTERNAL PSU,Min Qty:1Container:Box98
In Stock
  • 100 $98.2072
  • 50 $99.6840
  • 25 $101.5300
  • 10 $107.0680
  • 5 $110.7600
  • 1 $114.4500
ME150A1551N01DISTI #675-ME150A1551N01
SL Power ElectronicsDesktop AC AdaptersRoHS:Compliant20
  • 1 $106.4900
  • 5 $106.1200
  • 10 $102.9400
  • 20 $100.4200
  • 50 $95.8400
SL Power Electronics RoHS:Compliant0 In Stock
  • 100 $96.3800
  • 75 $98.3400
  • 50 $142.9900
  • 25 $270.9400
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