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Raychem / TE Connectivity
Heat Shrink Cable Boots & End Caps 202D121-3-00-0
New from this manufacturer.
202D121-3-00-0 Datasheet
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Wire & Cable Management
TE Connectivity / Raychem
TE Connectivity
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Heat Shrink Cable Boots & End Caps
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Heat Shrink Cable Boots & End Caps
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202D121-3-0, 202D121-3/, 202D121-, 202D1, 202D, 202
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    Helen Roberts 2020-02-15

    At the beginning, I learned about OMO on Alibaba. For convenience, I placed orders directly on their website, and the goods would arrive at the fastest speed.

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    Ruth Roberts 2020-02-03

    Great seller, the best service. Very pleasantly to deal business with such company.

  • TH

    John White 2020-01-24

    Your service is perfect!!! Good quality of parts, good package. All is worked. In the future I will order the parts from your company. Thanks!

  • US

    Mary Johnson 2020-01-16

    Their reply was very quick, and they have been following up the project from beginning to end, which made me feel at ease.

  • US

    William Jackson 2020-01-10

    Thank you very much for the good work of the parts.

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    Jennifer Thompson 2020-01-06

    If you look for a reliable supplier to supply electronic components. I would recommend this company OMO Electronic. They have good price good service and high quality product. There is no reason to not work with them.

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parts# 202D121-3-00-0 is available at OMO Electronic, see description of 202D121-3-00-0 as below .
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