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Circular MIL Spec Connector 5015 RR 3#8 6#12 SKT RECP
New from this manufacturer.
MS3454W24-11S-LC Datasheet
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  • RO

    Christopher Jackson 2020-05-24

    Parts arrived fast and all were genuine. Very professional. Excellent service, again. Thank you.

  • EAZ

    Nancy Davies 2020-05-12

    Every time I buy stock from TME or vertical those online authorized distributor, but this time those distributor don't have stock for this part no. that I am looking for. Luckily I found the part no. from this web and get them in time. Really good company and I recommend.

  • US

    David Thompson 2020-05-02

    The most useful website in the business of my work, thanks in advance..

  • AL

    Margaret Wood 2020-04-24

    This is not the first time I purchased from OMO. In fact I have purchased from OMO many times. at first I know them from Alibaba. But then I have placed order directly on their website. all the purchases arrived within a few week. They are all packed in good protective mailer box. I am really happy with OMO

  • LS

    George Williams 2020-04-18

    When I search an obsolete part No. and come out this website. This website looks professional and reliable. I make payment and get the goods very soon. Will buy again.

  • US

    Carol Wood 2020-04-14

    Thank you so much, I am a retired tool & die maker. I bought a lot of electronic chips on OMO before I retired, and I am always satisfied.

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Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
MS3454W24-11S(LC)DISTI #V90:2381_17940108
Amphenol AerospaceConn Cylindrical Circular SKT 9 POS Crimp ST Jam Nut 9 Terminal 1 PortRoHS:Not compliant0
  • 500 $85.0500
  • 100 $88.5300
  • 10 $146.4400
  • 5 $157.0600
  • 1 $166.8600
MS3454W24-11S L/CDISTI #JTCMS3454W24-11S L/C
ConesysJam Nut Recept Cad Od Alum26 
MS3454W24-11S-LCDISTI #654-MS3454W24-11S-LC
Amphenol CorporationCircular MIL Spec Connector 5015 RR 3#8 6#12 SKT RECPRoHS:Not compliant0
  • 10 $166.8600
  • 50 $155.0900
MS3454W24-11S-LCDISTI #26315376
ConesysConn MIL-DTL-5015 Circular SKT 9 POS Crimp ST Jam Nut 9 Terminal 1 Port26
  • 25 $55.5704
  • 1 $83.3556
MS3454W24-11S L/CDISTI #JTCMS3454W24-11S L/C
ConesysJam Nut Recept Cad Od AlumAmericas - 26 
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