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TE Connectivity / AMP
Power to the Board 259-0257-00500 299-432
New from this manufacturer.
1643245-1 Datasheet
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TE Connectivity / AMP
TE Connectivity
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Power to the Board
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Power to the Board
Power Connectors
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164324, 16432, 1643, 164
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    Daniel Davies 2020-07-29

    Very good service and fast delivery, plus excellent quality of products. It is 100% recommended to all who wish to purchase here.

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    This is my first time to buy components here, I am very satisfied with the whole process.

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    Mary Jackson 2020-06-29

    The website is very user friendly and easy to find parts. When ordering online we always receive our products in a timely delivered.

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    Thomas Wood 2020-06-23

    They buy parts from OEMs and authorized distributors, which gives me 100% confidence.

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OMO is experienced in sourcing hard-to-find and obsolete parts.
1643245-1 is available at OMO Electronic. Email us to get the quotation lead time and stock availability.
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Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
1643245-1DISTI #571-1643245-1
TE Connectivity LtdPower to the Board 259-0257-00500 299-432RoHS:Not compliant0 
1643245-1DISTI #1643245-1-ND
TE Connectivity LtdICCON CONNECTORSRoHS:Not compliantMin Qty:800Container:BulkTemporarily Out of Stock
  • 800 $6.2785
1643245-1DISTI #1643245-1
TE Connectivity Ltd259-0257-00500299-432 - Bulk (Alt: 1643245-1)RoHS:Not CompliantMin Qty:800Container:BulkAmericas - 0 
643245-1DISTI #571-643245-1
TE Connectivity LtdHeaders & Wire Housings 05P MTA156 HDR ASSY SQ W/O#2RoHS:Compliant4994
  • 1 $0.6700
  • 10 $0.5910
  • 100 $0.5100
  • 500 $0.4180
  • 1000 $0.3710
  • 2500 $0.3360
  • 10000 $0.3090
  • 25000 $0.3020
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Power to the Board 51866-046LF-R/A PF REC PWRBALDE
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