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  • ES

    Mary Brown 2020-05-31

    I had been worked with OMO for several years, every time we receive goods within a couple of days, and all goods work fine, excellent!!

  • MQ

    Donald Wilson 2020-05-19

    Buy electronic components in open market is so hard due to that there are some unreliable company. Luckily we found and cooperate with this company with no issue. Good price good quality and fast delivery. Everything is fantastic! I would recommend this company OMO to those purchasers have same concern.

  • IS

    Patricia Davies 2020-05-09

    We get the goods with original packing and label, the Date code is new and the delivery is fast. That's awesome. There is no doubt I will buy more parts from this web.

  • US

    Kenneth Robinson 2020-05-01

    OMO provide the parts are professional authentic, quality service let me unlimited repurchase.

  • US

    Linda Davies 2020-04-25

    I can buy 100% real quality products in OMO every time, and now I am preparing to place a new order for them.

  • TM

    Taylor 2020-04-21

    I don't buy parts from other online distributor rather than mouser or digikey until I found omo electronic this web. They always supply original goods and good price. They work professionally and efficiently. I can get the quotation soon and get the answer of some technology question and also datasheet. Recommend.

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Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
H11A5XSMDISTI #31304562
Isocom ComponentsH11A5XSM197600
  • 148200 $0.1644
  • 98800 $0.1714
  • 49400 $0.1791
  • 2600 $0.2000
H11A5XSMDISTI #ISOC00000000621
Isocom ComponentsTransistor Output Optocoupler,1-Element,5300VIsolationRoHS:Compliant0 in Stock
0 on Order
  • 2600 $0.1860
H11A5XSMT/RDISTI #ISOC00000000622
Isocom ComponentsTransistor Output Optocoupler,1-Element,5300VIsolationRoHS:Compliant0 in Stock
0 on Order
  • 2000 $0.2000
H11A5XSMT&RDISTI #1717275
Isocom ComponentsIsocom, H11A5XSMT&R DC Input Phototransistor Output Optocoupler, Surface Mount, 6-Pin DIP, RLMin Qty:1000Container:Reel0
  • 1000 $0.2910
  • 2000 $0.2730
  • 5000 $0.2550
H11A5XSMDISTI #V99:2348_22604934
Isocom ComponentsH11A5XSM0 
H11A5XSMT&RDISTI #31304254
Isocom ComponentsH11A5XSMT&R200000
  • 150000 $0.1918
  • 100000 $0.2000
  • 50000 $0.2090
  • 2000 $0.2333
H11A5XSMDISTI #1717274
Isocom ComponentsIn a Tube of 65, Isocom, H11A5XSM DC Input Phototransistor Output Optocoupler, Surface Mount, 6-Pin DIP, TUMin Qty:65Container:Tube0
  • 65 $0.2500
  • 130 $0.2340
  • 325 $0.2200
H11A5XSMT&RDISTI #V72:2272_22604937
Isocom ComponentsH11A5XSMT&R0 
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