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Electronic Manufacturer Part # Electronics Description RFQ
Other Manufacturer CR10-000-ZK RC0402 0R I=1A
CR10-000-ZN RC0402 0R I=1A
CR10-000JT1 New and Original
CR10-01 New and Original
CR10-100-JK RC0402 10R 5% 0,063W TK100
CR10-1000-FK RC0402 100R 1% 0,063W TK100
CR10-1002-FK FIXED RESISTOR, METAL GLAZE/THICK FILM, 0.0625W, 10000OHM, 50V, 1% +/-TOL, -100,100PPM/CEL, 0402
CR10-1004-FK RC0402 1M 1% 0,063W TK200
CR10-1004-FK1000043) New and Original
CR10-101JV New and Original
CR10-103-JK RC0402 10K 5% 0,063W TK100
CR10-103J New and Original
CR10-104-JK RC0402 100K 5% 0,063W TK100
CR10-105-JL New and Original
CR10-106K-T New and Original
CR10-1100-FK RC0402 110R 1% 0,063W TK100
CR10-1101-FK RC0402 1,1K 1% 0,063W TK100
CR10-1102-FK RC0402 11K 1% 0,063W TK100
CR10-1102F-T New and Original
CR10-112FV New and Original
CR10-1133FM New and Original
CR10-1211-FK RC0402 1,21K 1% 0,063W TK100
CR10-1213-FK RC0402 121K 1% 0,063W TK100
CR10-121JV New and Original
CR10-123-JK RC0402 12K 5% 0,063W TK100
CR10-1300-FK RC0402 130R 1% 0,063W TK100
CR10-1501F-T RESISTOR, METAL GLAZE/THICK FILM, 0.1 W, 1 %, 100 ppm, 1500 ohm, SURFACE MOUNT, 0603
CR10-150J-T New and Original
CR10-151-JK RC0402 150R 5% 0,063W TK100
CR10-15R0F-T New and Original
CR10-161J M New and Original
CR10-1624F New and Original
CR10-1801FM New and Original
CR10-1802-FK RC0402 18K 1% 0,063W TK100
CR10-181-JT New and Original
CR10-181JM Resistor, Thick Film, 180 Ohm, 150V, 5±%, 200ppm, 0805 Case Size
CR10-182-JK RC0402 1,8K 5% 0,063W TK100
CR10-183J-T Res Thick Film 0603 18K Ohm 5% 0.063W(1/16W) ±200ppm/°C Molded SMD Paper T/R
CR10-1912-FK New and Original
CR10-1R00-FK RC0402 1R 1% 0,063W TK200
CR10-1R0J New and Original
CR10-1R5JT New and Original
CR10-2001-FK RC0402 2K 1% 0,063W TK100
CR10-2002-FK RC0402 20K 1% 0,063W TK100
CR10-2002-FN RC0402 20K 1% 0,063W TK100
CR10-200JM New and Original
CR10-202DV New and Original
CR10-2203-FK RC0402 220K 1% 0,063W TK100
CR10-221-JK RC0402 220R 5% 0,063W TK100
CR10-22R1-FK RC0402 22,1R 1% 0,063W TK100