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Connector Telephone and Telecom RJ-45 RCP
New from this manufacturer.
MRJ-5381-013 Datasheet
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  • US

    George 2020-02-08

    A lot of semiconductors have been purchased, the price is right, the quality is very good, if there is more demand in the future, we will continue to choose OMO.

  • PH

    Robert Jackson 2020-01-27

    I found the parts which is obsolete and hard to find from this web. And I buy all stock from them. I told them I will need some more and they do keep sourcing for me .after a couple of days, they found some more quantity from OEM excess stock and send me .they are professional and reliable .

  • US

    Williams 2020-01-17

    I Only buy parts from trusted sources like OMO follow a strict Quality Management System.

  • US

    Sandra Jones 2020-01-09

    I just want to say thank you to OMO. Since I started working with you, the components I have received are all very useful and you are an important part of my work.

  • MQ

    Nancy Jones 2020-01-03

    Buy electronic components in open market is so hard due to that there are some unreliable company. Luckily we found and cooperate with this company with no issue. Good price good quality and fast delivery. Everything is fantastic! I would recommend this company OMO to those purchasers have same concern.

  • BA

    Carol Walker 2019-12-30

    Generally I buy parts from Digikey or Arrow, but after I found this website, I change to buy parts from them .they supply same goods with a lower price! They help me to save a lot money. Exllent.!

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parts# MRJ-5381-013 is available at OMO Electronic, see description of MRJ-5381-013 as below .
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Other distributor's price
Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
MRJ5381013DISTI #MRJ5381013
Amphenol Commercial 25
  • 1 $25.3600
  • 5 $24.0800
  • 10 $22.8800
  • 20 $21.7400
  • 40 $16.3000
  • 60 $15.2100
  • 80 $14.9200
Amphenol ICC RoHS:Compliant25 In Stock
  • 1 $25.3600
  • 5 $24.0800
  • 10 $22.8800
  • 10 $22.8800
  • 20 $21.7400
MRJ5381013DISTI #AMLMRJ5381013
Amphenol CommercialRUGGED RJ45, GEN 1, RIGHT ANGLAmericas - 0 
Amphenol CorporationModular Connectors / Ethernet Connectors CONNRoHS:CompliantAmericas - 
MRJ5381013DISTI #AMLMRJ5381013
Amphenol CommercialRUGGED RJ45, GEN 1, RIGHT ANGL0 
MRJ-5381-013DISTI #523-MRJ-5381-013
Amphenol CorporationModular Connectors / Ethernet Connectors CONNRoHS:Compliant118
  • 1 $16.8000
  • 10 $15.1200
  • 25 $14.8200
MRJ-5381-013DISTI #V36:1790_16547674
Amphenol AerospaceConnector Telephone and Telecom RJ-45 RCP0
  • 80000 $11.9700
  • 40000 $11.9800
  • 8000 $13.2900
  • 800 $16.2600
  • 80 $16.8000
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