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  • US

    Edward Smith 2020-05-26

    I am a professional purchasing manager of electronic components, and through the cooperation with OMO electronics, every order has never been a problem.

  • US

    Brown 2020-05-14

    OMO provides many brands, such as Xilinx, Vishay, Murata, Toshiba, which are highly recommended to you.

  • US

    John Taylor 2020-05-04

    The most useful website in the business of my work, thanks in advance..

  • US

    James Jones 2020-04-26

    Thanks so much for OMO! I appreciate this website as a good choice, particularly with the fast delivery and logistics.

  • US

    Mary 2020-04-20

    Great website! Just thinking about ordering more components and your products helped for me tremendously! Been along time since I was buying electronics from OMO, I've never been disappointed... thank you!!

  • MO

    John Johnson 2020-04-16

    The seller is very responsive. The shipment from shipping company to my country took a bit long (not the seller fault), but I was delightful that seller follow up the item and quickly response my question. I thought my item would be neglected due to the purchase is small in term of dollar, but I was wrong. Recommended and very helpful. I feel safe doing the business with them.

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Part No. U7PXZ4AUSAR747 is now available at OMO. Request a quote of U7PXZ4AUSAR747 please use the request quote or email us a RFQ.
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Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
U-77/UDISTI #4605240
Eaton InterconnectCONNECTOR, DIN, PLUG, 10 POSITIONRoHS:Compliant0
  • 250 $155.9300
  • 100 $158.6200
  • 50 $164.2900
  • 25 $173.5900
  • 1 $180.3900
U-77/UDISTI #V36:1790_17618098
Eaton CorporationU-77/U0
  • 1000 $46.0900
  • 500 $48.5900
  • 250 $51.1800
  • 50 $90.0800
U-77/UDISTI #95B3133
Eaton InterconnectCONNECTOR, DIN, PLUG, 10 POSITION,No. of Contacts:10Contacts,Gender:Plug,Connector Mounting:Cable Mount,Contact Plating:Gold Plated Contacts,Connector Body Material:Metal Body,Product Range:GC Series,Connector Type:DIN Audio RoHS Compliant: Yes12
  • 10 $53.9000
  • 25 $53.9000
  • 1 $56.2700
U-77/UDISTI #U-77/U
Eaton InterconnectMIL Series ConnectorRoHS:Compliant0 in Stock
0 on Order
  • 1 $56.1200
U-77/UDISTI #4605240
Eaton InterconnectCONNECTOR, DIN, PLUG, 10 POSITIONRoHS:Compliant0
  • 25 £67.4400
  • 10 £75.2200
  • 1 £90.7800
U-77/U-1DISTI #U-77/U-1
Eaton Interconnect RoHS:Compliant0 in Stock
0 on Order
  • 1 $56.1200
TU0425BU-77U0276DISTI #E1974961
SMC Corporation of AmericaTUBING,POLYURETHANERoHS:Not Compliant0
  • 1 $38.3500
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