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Phoenix Contact
Circular Metric Connectors CA-19P1N128006
New from this manufacturer.
1619725 Datasheet
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Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact
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Circular Metric Connectors
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Circular Metric Connectors
Circular Connectors
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0.391894 oz
161972, 16197, 1619, 161
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  • US

    Christopher Evans 2020-08-06

    Without fake IC like other sellers, OMO is now my first stop for purchasing electronic components.

  • US

    Nancy White 2020-07-25

    OMO is very professional and responsible to me. With standard packaging and fast delivery, it is my first choice to buy components now.

  • PT

    Paul Johnson 2020-07-15

    I always have good luck with OMO. I have a repair store in my country.Over the past couple of months I have repaired and built several devices and have been able to find hard to locate parts thru OMO-IC. Items are shipped immediately and although it takes a little while for them to arrive to the States, they are well packaged and are exactly what I expected. even order is too small but they are really helpful. I can also get the data sheets which are available on the omo Website.

  • US

    Karen Williams 2020-07-07

    I forgot to mention that OMO electronics components help me a lot, meaning I have bought here for many times.

  • US

    Daniel Taylor 2020-07-01

    Heavily appreciate OMO! Right at the start I don't know how to order, and communicate with them via email, they are very enthusiastic, very patient to my questions.

  • SC

    Michael Thompson 2020-06-27

    My experience to buy components from other online distributor is not good until I found omo electronic this company. They are responsible and professional. I get goods in standard packing and fast delivery. I would recommend this company as your first choice on components purchase.

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Allied Electronics & Automation
Conn; Circ; M23; Plug; Cable; Str; 16 Pos; Signal; Screw Locking
Sager Electronics
Circular Metric Connectors CA-19P1N128006
Phoenix Contact CA - 1619725
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We can supply Phoenix Contact 1619725, use the request quote form to request 1619725 pirce, Phoenix Contact Datasheet PDF and lead time.omo-ic.com is a professional electronic components distributor. With 3+ Million line items of available electronic components can ship in short lead-time, over 250 thousand part numbers of electronic components in stock for immediately delivery.
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