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Amphenol Aerospace
Circular MIL Spec Connector LJT 5C 5#16 SKT RECP
New from this manufacturer.
MS27468T15F5S-LC Datasheet
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MS27468T15F5S-LC more Information
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Circular MIL Spec Connector
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Circular MIL Spec Connector
Circular Connectors
Amphenol Aerospace
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MS27468T15F5S, MS27468T15F5, MS27468T15F, MS27468T15, MS27468T1, MS27468T, MS27468, MS2746, MS274, MS27
MS27468T15F5S-LC Comment
  • US

    David Jackson 2020-09-13

    Thank you very much for the good work of the parts.

  • US

    William Taylor 2020-09-01

    Top quality, particularly impressed by the quality of the fine pitch components.

  • CY

    Nancy Evans 2020-08-22

    I order a BOM list which include over 50 part no. but each item small quantity from this company. After I get the goods, all parts are in vacuum sealed packing with the label show part no. quantity and Date code. They are so processional and patient in their job. I feel so good to work with this company.

  • US

    John Jones 2020-08-14

    Thanks to OMO for the excellent service, all the goods are very good, although it took some time to arrive, it was due to local customs inspection. After long tests, these parts are in perfect condition.

  • FO

    Ruth Roberts 2020-08-08

    Best seller and the shipping process is so quick. I got the shipment within a week after they shipped. The components i received is in good condition and they work well. Great seller!!!

  • US

    Susan Williams 2020-08-04

    Thanks so much for OMO! I appreciate this website as a good choice, particularly with the fast delivery and logistics.

Descriptions of MS27468T15F5S-LC provided by its other distributors.
A.E. Petsche
Conn Circular SKT 5 POS Crimp ST Jam Nut 5 Terminal 1 Port
More Information
Part No. MS27468T15F5S-LC is now available at OMO. Request a quote of MS27468T15F5S-LC please use the request quote or email us a RFQ.
Other distributor's price
Part # Mfg. Description Stock Price
MS27468T15F5S L/CDISTI #AERMS27468T15F5S L/C
ConesysJAM NUT RECEPTACLE, 38999 SIAmericas - 244 
MS27468T15F5S L/CDISTI #AAOMS27468T15F5S L/C
Amphenol AerospaceJAM NUT RECEPTACLE 38999 S1, Less ContactsAmericas - 0 
TE Connectivity LtdCONN RCPT HSNG FMALE 5POS PNL MTRoHS:Not compliantContainer:BulkTemporarily Out of Stock 
MS27468T15F5S-LCDISTI #571-MS27468T15F5S-LC
TE Connectivity LtdCircular MIL Spec Connector DJT 5C 5#16 SKTRoHS:Compliant0
  • 1 $47.7000
  • 5 $41.9400
  • 10 $39.0600
  • 25 $37.6200
  • 50 $36.9000
  • 100 $36.5400
MS27468T15F5S-LCDISTI #33798563
ConesysMS27468T15F5S-LC - Each118
  • 1 $38.4358
MS27468T15F5S L/CDISTI #AAOMS27468T15F5S L/C
Amphenol AerospaceJAM NUT RECEPTACLE 38999 S1, Less Contacts0 
Amphenol AerospaceCONN RCPT HSNG FMALE 5POS PNL MTRoHS:CompliantContainer:BulkTemporarily Out of Stock 
MS27468T15F5SLCDISTI #MS27468T15F5S(LC)
Amphenol CorporationConn MIL-DTL-38999 Circular SKT 5 POS Crimp ST Jam Nut 5 Terminal 1 Port - Bulk (Alt: MS27468T15F5S(LC))RoHS:Not CompliantMin Qty:1Container:BulkAmericas - 33
  • 1000 $34.3900
  • 500 $35.1900
  • 100 $36.0900
  • 50 $36.9900
  • 25 $37.8900
  • 10 $38.8900
  • 1 $39.9900
MS27468T15F5S-LCDISTI #MS27468T15F5S-LC
TE Connectivity LtdCONN D38999 CIRC SKT 5 POS CRMP ST JAM NUT - Bulk (Alt: MS27468T15F5S-LC)RoHS:Not CompliantMin Qty:1Container:BulkAmericas - 58 
MS27468T15F5S-LCDISTI #MS27468T15F5S-LC
Aero-Electric Connector IncAE1 5C 5#16 SKT RECP118
  • 1 $43.9100
  • 10 $38.0500
  • 25 $33.5800
  • 50 $30.0400
  • 100 $26.3400
MS27468T15F5S-LCDISTI #04X1058
TE Connectivity LtdCIRCULAR CONNECTOR, RECEPTACLE, 15-5, JAM NUT,Military Specification:MIL-DTL-38999 Series I,Circular Connector Shell Style:Jam Nut Receptacle,No. of Contacts:5Contacts,Circular Contact Type:Crimp Socket - Contacts Not Supplied RoHS Compliant: Yes0
  • 250 $39.3800
  • 100 $40.5500
  • 50 $42.9300
  • 25 $45.8900
  • 10 $47.3600
  • 5 $48.9300
  • 1 $50.3300
MS27468T15F5S-LCDISTI #654-MS27468T15F5S-LC
Amphenol CorporationCircular MIL Spec Connector LJT 5C 5#16 SKT RECPRoHS:Compliant0
  • 10 $61.8800
  • 50 $54.5300
  • 100 $50.7000
MS27468T15F5S-LCDISTI #03M9113
Amphenol Industrial OperationsJAM NUT CONNECTOR, RECEPTACLE, SIZE 15, 5 POSITION, PANEL,Military Specification:MIL-DTL-38999 Series I,Circular Connector Shell Style:Jam Nut Receptacle,No. of Contacts:5Contacts,Coupling Style:Bayonet,Insert Arrangement:15-5 RoHS Compliant: No0 
MS27468T15F5S-LCDISTI #2162168
TE Connectivity LtdCIRCULAR, SIZE 15, 5WAY, SKT (L/C)RoHS:Not Compliant1
  • 25 £41.1600
  • 10 £47.7400
  • 5 £55.5100
  • 1 £62.8200
MS27468T15F5S L/CDISTI #AERMS27468T15F5S L/C
ConesysJAM NUT RECEPTACLE, 38999 SI244 
MS27468T15F5S-LCDISTI #26381705
Corsair Electrical Connectors IncMS27468T15F5S-LC - Each10
  • 2 $40.9111
MS27468T15F5S-LCDISTI #47X7000
Aero-Electric Connector IncCircular Connector0 
MS27468T15F5S-LCDISTI #2482264
Amphenol Industrial OperationsCIRCULAR CONNECTOR, RCPT, 15-5, JAM NUT0
  • 25 £55.7300
  • 10 £62.8200
  • 3 £69.1000
  • 1 £76.7800
MS27468T15F5S-LCDISTI #1792-273621-ND
Sunbank8LT 5C 5#16 SKT J/NRoHS:CompliantContainer:BulkTemporarily Out of Stock 
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