Micro Commercial Components (MCC)

Newest Products
  • SLD Series TVS

    MCC's high power TVS offers 6000 W peak power dissipation with bidirectional and unidirectional types. It increased 20% power rating than 5 KP series by optimizing internal structure design.

    Date: 2017-05-25
  • DFN Package ESD Offering

    By using state-of-the-art technology, MCC's DFN package ESD offers unique protection performances with a 0.2 pf capacitance level and up to eight lines of protection in one package.

    Date: 2016-06-08
  • ESD Product in DFN Package

    MCC's ESD offerings provide one to six lines of protection with ultra-low-capacitance, 0.3 pF level, making them ideally suited for high speed interface protections.

    Date: 2016-04-29
  • DO-218AB High Power TVS

    By adopting special structure design, this power TVS can survive under longer pulse width surge current.

    Date: 2015-06-09
  • High-Power AK Series TVS Diodes

    The AK series of TVS diodes have a high anti-surge current capacity of up to 15,000 A per 8/20 µs pulse wave specifically designed for base station protection.

    Date: 2014-03-13
  • 3-5 A Schottky Rectifiers in DO-221AC Package

    The 3-5 A Schottky rectifiers have a low body height ideal for height restricted applications and feature a guard ring for over-voltage protection.

    Date: 2013-11-19
  • 1-2 A, 600 V, Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers in DO

    The 1-2 A, 600 V rectifiers are available in DO-221AC package and feature a low body height making them ideal for height restricted applications.

    Date: 2013-11-19
  • 0201 Package ESD Suppressor

    MCC's ESD suppressors offer ultra-low capacitance and high level ESD protection in an ultra-small 0201 package making them ideal for high-speed applications.

    Date: 2013-09-27
  • ESD Protection Devices

    ESD protection devices with up to 15KV ESD protective rating per IEC61000-4-2 and small package size are ideal for high speed applications such as USB and HDMI.

    Date: 2013-07-02
  • 600 W Transient Voltage Suppressors

    The 600 W TVS series has excellent clamping capability, fast response time, and high surge capability in a low body height for space limited systems.

    Date: 2013-07-02