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Other Manufacturer ABM10-20.000MHZ-18-E30- New and Original
ABM10-20.000MHZ-D20-T New and Original
ABM10-22.1184MHZ-E20-T-CUT TAPE New and Original
ABM10-22.118E20T New and Original
ABM10-24.000MHZ-12-4-D30-T New and Original
ABM10-24.000MHZ-18-E30- New and Original
ABM10-24.000MHZ-3-E20-T New and Original
ABM10-24.000MHZ-6-R20-4-D30-T New and Original
ABM10-24.000MHZ-8-7A15- New and Original
ABM10-24.000MHZ-8-7A15-T Crystals 24.0MHZ 8pF 15ppm
ABM10-24.000MHZ-D30-T3-CUT TAPE New and Original
ABM10-24.000MHZ-E20-T-CUT TAPE New and Original
ABM10-24.000MHZ-E20T New and Original
ABM10-24.576MHZ-E20-T-CUT TAPE New and Original
ABM10-25.000MHZ-12-1D20-T New and Original
ABM10-25.000MHZ-12-1N15-T New and Original
ABM10-25.000MHZ-16-E20-T New and Original
ABM10-25.000MHZ-18-E30- New and Original
ABM10-25.000MHZ-20-1D20-T New and Original
ABM10-25.000MHZ-D30-T New and Original
ABM10-25.000MHZ-D30-T3-CUT TAPE New and Original
ABM10-25.000MHZ-E20 Abracon CRYSTAL, CERAMIC, 25.000MHZ, 18PF, 20PPM, 2.5 X 2 X .55 (4 PAD)
ABM10-25.000MHZ-E20-T-CUT TAPE New and Original
ABM10-25.000MHZ-E20T Crystals 25 MHZ 20PPM
ABM10-26.000MHZ-7-E15 Crystal 26MHz 15ppm (Tol) 15ppm (Stability) 10pF FUND 100Ohm 4-Pin Ultra Mini-CSMD Bulk
ABM10-26.000MHZ-7-E15-T ABM10-26.000MHZ-7-E15-T - Tape and Reel (Alt: ABM10-26.000MHZ-7-E15-T)
ABM10-26.000MHZ-A15-T New and Original
ABM10-26MHZ-D30-T3 Crystals 26 MHZ 10PF 20PPM 150OHM
ABM10-27.000MHZ New and Original
ABM10-27.000MHZ-D30-T New and Original
ABM10-28.63636MHZ-8-7A1 New and Original
Abracon LLC
Abracon LLC
ABM10-20.000MHZ-18-E30-T3 Standard Clock Oscillators 20.000MHZ, 18pF 30ppm -20C +70C
ABM10-20.000MHZ-D30-T3 Crystals 20.0MHz 20ppm 10pF 30ppm -40C +85C
ABM10-20.000MHZ-E20-T Crystals +/-20ppm 20MHZ
ABM10-22.1184MHZ-D30-T3 Crystals 22.1184MHz 20ppm 10pF 30ppm -40C +85C
ABM10-22.1184MHZ-E20-T Crystals +/-20ppm 22.1184MHZ
ABM10-24.000MHZ-18-E30-T3 Standard Clock Oscillators 24.000MHZ, 18pF 30ppm -20C +70C
ABM10-24.000MHZ-8-7-A15-T PF, 15PPM -10+60C, 2.5 X 2.0 X
ABM10-24.000MHZ-D30-T3 Crystals 24.0MHz 20ppm 10pF 30ppm -40C +85C
ABM10-24.000MHZ-E20-T Crystals +/-20ppm 24MHZ
ABM10-24.576MHZ-D30-T3 Crystals 24.576MHz 20ppm 10pF 30ppm -40C +85C
ABM10-24.576MHZ-E20-T Crystals +/-20ppm 24.576MHZ
ABM10-25.000MHZ-18-E30-T3 Standard Clock Oscillators 25.000MHZ, 18pF 30ppm -20C +70C
ABM10-25.000MHZ-D30-T3 Crystals 25.0MHz 20ppm 10pF 30ppm -40C +85C
ABM10-25.000MHZ-E20-T Crystals +/-20ppm 25MHZ
ABM10-26.000MHZ-7-A15-T Crystals 26.0MHZ 10pF 15ppm
ABM10-26.000MHZ-D30-T3 Crystals 26.0MHz 20ppm 10pF 30ppm -40C +85C
ABM10-27.000MHZ-D30-T3 Crystals 27.0MHz 20ppm 10pF 30ppm -40C +85C
ABM10-27.000MHZ-E20-T Crystals +/-20ppm 27MHZ
ABM10-28.63636MHZ-8-7-A15-T Crystal 28.63636MHz ±15ppm (Tol) ±15ppm (Stability) 8pF FUND 100Ohm 4-Pin CSMD T/R