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Delta Electronics
Delta Electronics
BFB0305LA-C Blowers DC Blower, 30x10mm, 5VDC
BFB0305MA-A Blowers DC Axial Fan, 30x10mm, 5VDC
BFB0305MA-A DC Blower Ball Bearing 5V 0.08A 0.4W 6500RPM 1.24CFM 26dB Flange Mount
BFB0312HA-A DC Blower Centrifugal Ball Bearing 12V 7V to 13.2V 1.45CFM 29dB
BFB0312LA-C Blowers DC Blower, 30x10mm, 12VDC
BFB0312MA-CF00 Blowers DC Blower, 30x10mm, 12VDC, Speed Sensor, Tachometer
BFB03505HHA-A DC Blower Ball Bearing 5V 0.15A 0.75W 8500RPM 2.12CFM 31dB Flange Mount
BFB03505LA-C Blowers DC Blower, 35x10mm, 5VDC
BFB03512HHA-AF00 Blowers DC Axial Fan, 35x10mm, 12VDC, Speed Sensor Tachometer
Other Manufacturer BFB0305LA-TYU8 New and Original
BFB0312HA New and Original
BFB03505MA New and Original
BFB03512HHA-F00 New and Original