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Electronic Manufacturer Part # Electronics Description RFQ
Other Manufacturer VCU060150L1RP New and Original
VCU2100 New and Original
VCU2133 New and Original
VCU2133A-73 New and Original
VCU2133A-73-73/50 New and Original
VCU2133A-76 New and Original
VCU2133AG New and Original
VCU2133AQ New and Original
VCU2134 New and Original
VCU2136 New and Original
VCU2136-23 New and Original
VCU2136-52 New and Original
VCU2136A New and Original
VCU2136A-G036857-021 New and Original
VCU2733A New and Original
VCU5309 New and Original
VCUFCB-16M38400000 TAPE New and Original
VCUFLA15400MHZ New and Original
VCUG040050L1 New and Original
VCUG040050L1WP Varistors 5volts 0402 1-Element
VCUG040075L1 New and Original
VCUG040100L1WP Diode TVS Single Bi-Directional 10V 2-Pin SMD T/R (Alt: VCUG040100L1WP)
VCUG040150L1 New and Original
VCUG040150L1TP Varistors 15volts 0402 1ELEMENT
VCUG060050L1RP ESD Suppressors 5volt 550pF 100 -50%
VCUG060050L1TP ESD Suppressors 5volt 550pF 100 -50%
VCUG060075L1 New and Original
VCUG060150L1RP ESD Suppressor TVS 2-Pin SMD T/R (Alt: VCUG060150L1RP)
VCUG080050L1RP ESD Suppressors 5volt 750pF 100 -50%
VCUG080050L1TP ESD Suppressors 5volt 750pF 100 -50%
VCUG080075L1DP Varistors 7.5v 325pF 100-50%
VCUG080075L1RP New and Original
VCUG040030L1WP Varistors 2.3VAC 3VDC 0.05J 175pF 6.8 V 18V
VCUG040150L1WP Varistors 11VAC 15VDC 0.02J 40pF 25 V 50V
VCUG040180L1WP Varistors 14VAC 18VDC 0.05J 30pF 28 V 55V
VCUG060075L1DP Varistors 5.3VAC 7.5VDC 0.1J 350pF 16.3 V 32V
VCUG060100L1DP Varistors 7.1VAC 10VDC 0.1J 150pF 23 V 42V
VCUG080050L1DP Varistors 3.5VAC 5VDC 0.1J 750pF 10.8 V 22V
VCUG080100L1DP Varistors 10V 1 element 0805
AVX Corporation
AVX Corporation
VCUG040030L1WP Varistors 0402 3Vdc 1Element
VCUG040150L1WP Varistors 5volts 0402 1-Element
VCUG040180L1WP Varistors 18volts 1element
VCUG060050L1DP Varistors 0603 5Vdc 1Element
VCUG060075L1DP Varistors 7.5v 350pF 100-50%
VCUG060100L1DP Varistors 0603 10Vdc 1Element
VCUG080050L1DP Varistors 0805 5Vdc 1Element
VCUG080100L1DP VARISTOR 30A 0805