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Raychem / TE Connectivity
Heat Shrink Cable Boots & End Caps 242W053-25-G02-0
New from this manufacturer.
242W053-25-G02-0 Datasheet
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242W053-25-G02-0 more Information
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Wire & Cable Management
TE Connectivity / Raychem
TE Connectivity
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Heat Shrink Cable Boots & End Caps
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Heat Shrink Cable Boots & End Caps
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242W053-25-G, 242W053-25-, 242W053-, 242W0, 242
242W053-25-G02-0 Comment
  • US

    Joseph Roberts 2020-02-14

    There are many platforms for looking for components, and I have been confused by this. Now I cooperate with OMO for many times, which solves my concerns.

  • US

    Linda 2020-02-02

    I am satisfied with the products from OMO, you know your stuff ,well down.

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    Mary Wilson 2020-01-23

    Exellent service, fast and reliable delivery, very affordable prices. These are the things that come in to mind when thinking of omo. No fake ic's like some other sellers. Small quantities. They will quote you for your prototyping and/or hobby needs. omo is now my number one stop for sourcing electronic components. I recommend!

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    William Taylor 2020-01-15

    Looking for components in different platform is really a big issue. Because you can get very huge different price quotation and you don't know which company is reliable because there are many company just want to get your money! Now I work with omo electronic several times, all is good, competitive price good service. There is no reason not to work with them. I recommend.

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    Mark Davies 2020-01-05

    I used to buy components from Mouser or Digikey, but logistics were always slow and expensive, and OMO always provided me with good prices and fast logistics. Recommended!

More Information
OMO is a global distributor of hard-to-find and obsolete parts.
242W053-25-G02-0 is available at OMO Electronic.We can offer 242W053-25-G02-0 for competitive price in the global market, please send us a quotation request for pricing.
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