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Newest Products
  • Si540 XO Ultra-Low Jitter Oscillator

    The Si540 utilizes Silicon Labs advanced 4th generation DSPLL technology to provide an ultra-low jitter, low phase noise clock at any output frequency.

    Date: 2017-08-09
  • CP2130 Single-Chip USB

    Silicon Labs' CP2130 single-chip USB-to-SPI bridge completes and joins the USB-to-UART, and USB-to-I²C/SMBus devices. The USB bridge device eliminates the need for USB or SPI communicatio

    Date: 2013-12-06
  • Wireless Gecko Series 2 Enables Next-Generation Co

    Silicon Labs' wireless Gecko series 2 platform optimizes smart home and industrial IoT applications with excellent security and RF performance.

    Date: 2019-05-02
  • Z-Wave 700 Starter Kit Unlocks Smart Home Potentia

    Silicon Labs' Z-Wave 700 starter kit offers enhanced RF performance extending the range beyond traditional limits.

    Date: 2019-04-05
  • WF200 Wi-Fi Transceiver IC

    Silicon Labs' WF200 Wi-Fi transceiver IC offers advanced security features and excellent RF blocking performance during crowded RF conditions.

    Date: 2019-01-10
  • BGM13S Blue Gecko Bluetooth® Mesh SiP Module

    Silicon Labs' BGM13S small SiP module delivers robust RF performance, low energy consumption, and MCU flexibility, all in a tiny 6.5 mm x 6.5 mm package.

    Date: 2018-11-01
  • BGM13P Bluetooth® 5 Module

    Silicon Labs' Blue Gecko BGM13P Bluetooth module integrates the EFR32BG13 wireless SoC to provide a complete, plug-and-play Bluetooth 5/Bluetooth mesh solution.

    Date: 2018-10-24
  • Zero Programming Wireless Xpress Solutions

    Silicon Labs' Wireless Xpress allows users to streamline the design of commercial, industrial, and smart home IoT applications.

    Date: 2018-10-12
  • Zero-Programming Wi-Fi Xpress Solution for IoT Clo

    Silicon Labs’ AMW007-E03 evaluation board provides a stand-alone Wi-Fi solution with the surface mounted AMW007 Wi-Fi module.

    Date: 2018-09-26
  • Bluetooth Xpress Simplifies Wireless Development f

    Silicon Labs’ zero programming BGX13 Blue Gecko Wireless Xpress module makes adding Bluetooth connectivity as easy as possible.

    Date: 2018-08-31