FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM)

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FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM)

Fujitsu FRAM is the new generation of non-volatile memory that outperforms existing memories like E2PROM and Flash, consumes less power, and offers higher speed and endurance to multiple read-and-write operations. FRAM is non-volatile, but operates in other respects like RAM. This breakthrough storage medium is used in a variety of applications including smart cards, RFID, security and many other applications that require high-performance non-volatile memory.

Standalone FRAM offers flexibility to assimilate FRAM to any system that requires high-speed non-volatile memory. FRAM does not require a battery to back up its data, saving significant cost and board space in the overall system. It can be used for storing settings, configuration, status of the devices, and the data can be used later. This stored data can be used for resetting the devices, analyzing the last status and activating recovery actions. Byte-wise random access make memory management more efficient.

FRAM is simply a high-speed non-volatile memory that runs like RAM. This allows flexibility for programmers to assign ROM and RAM memory mapping depending on their need. It creates opportunity for end users to program FRAM at ground level to customize to their individual preference. Standalone FRAM allows creativity of designers to explore and employ FRAM in a wide range of design.

Fujitsu FRAM Brochure

  • Non-volatile
  • High speed writing
  • High endurance
  • Low power consumption
  • OA equipment
  • Communication equipment
  • Audio, AV equipment
  • Measurement and analyzing device
  • Amusement
  • SSD
  • ATM
  • FA

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