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Apex Microtechnology
  • High Voltage Power Operational Amplifiers

    Apex Microtechnology introduces the PA34x series of high-voltage, monolithic, MOSFET OP AMPs.

    By Apex Microtechnology 129

  • PA85 High-Voltage Power Operational Amplifiers

    Apex's PA85 high-voltage, high-power bandwidth MOSFET op amps feature a high slew rate of 1000 V/μS and 200 mA high output current.

    By Apex Microtechnology 130

  • PA95 MOSFET Operational Amplifier

    Apex Microtechnology's PA95 MOSFET op amps drive continuous output currents up to 100 mA and pulse currents up to 200 mA.

    By Apex Microtechnology 116

  • PA03 Power Operational Amplifiers

    Apex Microtechnology's PA03 power op amps feature a MO-127, copper, power-dip package, high internal power dissipation to 500 W, and internal SOA protection.

    By Apex Microtechnology 107

  • PA12 and PA12A Power Operational Amplifier

    Apex Microtechnology's PA12 high-voltage, very-high-output current op amp is designed to drive resistive, inductive, and capacitive loads.

    By Apex Microtechnology 308

  • PA92 High-Voltage Power Operational Amplifiers

    Apex Microtechnology's PA92, high-voltage, low-quiescent-current MOSFET op amp is designed as a low-cost solution for driving continuous output and pulse currents.

    By Apex Microtechnology 184

  • PA13EEA Power Operational Amplifier

    Apex Microtechnology’s PA13EEA is a 15 A, 90 V power operational amplifier with low thermal resistance (1.1°C/W).

    By Apex Microtechnology 105

  • PB64 Low Standby Current Power Booster

    Apex's 800 V/µs, 1 MHz power bandwidth, PB64 dual channel power booster with 20 mA standby current can be used without a small signal driver in some applications.

    By Apex Microtechnology 106

  • MP204 Quad-Channel Power Amplifier

    Apex Microtechnology’s MP204 is the next addition to their line of products designed to support inkjet printing.

    By Apex Microtechnology 104

  • MP106 High Output Power Amplifier

    Apex Microtechnology’s MP106 was designed to drive dynamic capacitive loads of piezo devices such as those used in inkjet printer nozzles.

    By Apex Microtechnology 117

  • PA194 High-Speed, Low-Noise Power Operational Ampl

    Apex Microtechnology’s PA194 is a 900 V power operational amplifier with a 2100 V/μs maximum slew rate, and low noise density in a small hybrid package.

    By Apex Microtechnology 105

  • SA110 Silicon Carbide Half H-Bridge Module

    Apex Microtechnology’s SA110 high-current, high-voltage half H-bridge switching module utilizes Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs with integrated gate drive.

    By Apex Microtechnology 105