• FB and CFB Class T Fuse Holders

    Riedon's FB and CFB Class T fuse holders feature a clear snap on polycarbonate cover to protect users against accidental shorts.

    By Riedon 80

  • Low Profile, High Power Chip

    Riedon's SMTs save space and are PCB pad compatible and cost-effective solutions for battery powered applications.

    By Riedon 84

  • Ultra Low Ohm Current Sense Chip Resistor

    CSR resistors have a tight tolerance of 1% to ensure that all current sense readings are accurate even as the component heats up.

    By Riedon 92

  • Lower Cost TO-220 Style Thin Film Power Resistors

    Riedon's resistors have a small, thin profile and offer excellent performance, even in high frequency and high speed pulse applications.

    By Riedon 102

  • Aluminum-Housed Power Wirewound Resistors

    Design of Riedon's wirewound resistors maximizes pulse handling capability and provides superior head conduction and resistance in harsh environments.

    By Riedon 68

  • PF2270 Series Thick-Film Power Resistors

    Riedon offers high performance and a high power rating in a small, non-inductance, chassis-mount design.

    By Riedon 87

  • High-Pulse Wirewound Resistors

    High-pulse wirewound resistors are cost-effective and have a small size, which make them useful in many specialized applications.

    By Riedon 94

  • Precision Wirewound Resistors in Axial and Radial

    Provides accurate and stable resistance values for applications such as testing instrumentation, weighing scales, and calibration systems.

    By Riedon 82

  • High Temperature CHR and HVC Chip Resistors

    Whether it is for magnetic resonance scanners, aircraft flight controls or down-hole instrumentation for oil wells, Riedon’s advanced CHR and HVC chip resistor technology delivers high-performance

    By Riedon 60

  • Precision DC Current Shunts

    Riedon introduces a range of UL-listed, RoHS-compliant, precision-current shunts designed for DC ammeters and similar instruments.

    By Riedon 80

  • High-Power TO Style Resistors

    Riedon offers low-cost heatsink mountable design resistors in five various packages that include TO-126, TO-220, TO-247, TO-227, TO-238, and TO-263 (D-Pak).

    By Riedon 94

  • MSR Series Ultra-Low Ohm, Current Sense, Through-H

    The MSR series from Riedon uses a bare metal element in an all-welded construction for through-hole circuit board mounting to provide resistance values from 5 mΩ to 100 mΩ.

    By Riedon 81

  • High-Voltage Thick Film Resistors

    Riedon’s HTE series uses thick film technology in a non-inductive cylindrical construction for through-hole mounting.

    By Riedon 77

  • MT Series Current Sensing Resistors

    Riedons’ MT series is available from 1 W to 10 W with 1% and 5% tolerance as standard. TCRs range from ±20 ppm/°C to ±180 ppm/°C and resistance values range from 0.003 Ω to 0.2

    By Riedon 96

  • PCS Series Foil Current Sensing Resistors

    Riedon’s PCS series is available in a 2321 four terminal package style.

    By Riedon 93

  • High-Voltage/High-Power Non-Inductive Resistors

    Riedon's rugged PFU series offers a compact package intended for heatsink mounting or, for the best thermal control, a liquid cooled chiller.

    By Riedon 128

  • AEC-Q200 Certified Anti-Sulfur Thick Film Chip Res

    Riedon has expanded its’ line of performance chip resistors to include the ASC series utilizing anti-sulfur construction and including an extensive range of resistance values and tolerances as tig

    By Riedon 84

  • FHR 4-2321 Foil Current Sensing Resistors

    Riedon's FHR 4-2321 offers resistance values from 0.001 ohms to 50 ohms with tolerances from 0.1% and TCR availability as low as 15 ppm.

    By Riedon 140

  • High Pulse Power Wirewound Resistors

    Riedon's line of high-performance power resistors includes three new components with improved pulse and surge performance.

    By Riedon 123

  • CSRL Series Current Sensors

    Riedon's CSRL series current sensors are surface-mount metal element devices that feature a broad resistance range and a power rating up to 3 W.

    By Riedon 117