• RX8900 Series RTC

    Epson's RX8900 Low-Power Real-Time Clock with ±3.4 ppm Accuracy and Automatic Power Switching.

    By Epson 189

  • SG-8002 Series Programmable Crystal Oscillators

    Epson's SG-8002 is one of the first programmable crystal oscillators in the industry providing very short production lead times from few samples to mass production quantities.

    By Epson 119

  • RX8804 Series RTC

    Epson offers the RX8804 low-power real-time clock (RTC) with high accuracy over a wide temperature range of -40°C to +105°C.

    By Epson 155

  • SG-8003 Series Programmable Oscillators

    Being a 3rd generation programmable oscillator, Epson’s SG-8003 dissipates one half the power of previous products.

    By Epson 128

  • XG-1000 Series CMOS SAW Oscillators

    Epson introduces the XG-1000 family of low-jitter CMOS SAW (surface acoustic wave) oscillators.

    By Epson 153

  • VG7050ECN Low-Jitter Programmable VCXO

    VG7050ECN uses a fundamental crystal for reliable operation, including startup at low temperatures.

    By Epson 122

  • FA-128 Series SMT Crystals

    FA-128 series from 16 MHz to 54 MHz crystals are ultra-miniature SMD low profile crystals.

    By Epson 145

  • SG7050EBN Ultra-Low-Jitter SPXO

    Epson introduces the SG7050EBN ultra-low-jitter 100 to 170 MHz fundamental-mode SPXO.

    By Epson 122

  • VG-4513CA/CB Ultra-Low-Jitter VCXO

    Epson introduces the VG-4513CA/CB ultra-low-jitter 100 to 500 MHz fundamental-mode VCXO with industry-leading phase noise, a small package, and good vibration sensitivity.

    By Epson 163

  • XG-2102/2121CA SAW Oscillators

    Epson offers its XG-2102CA and XG-2121CA low-jitter surface acoustic wave (SAW) oscillators and are available with both LVPECL outputs and LVDS outputs.

    By Epson 127

  • FC-135R Ultra-Miniature Crystal Unit

    Epson introduces their FC-135R 32 kHz crystal unit with low ESR in an ultra-miniature ceramic SMD package.

    By Epson 100

  • SG3225EAN Low-Jitter SPXO

    Epson introduces their SG3225EAN a low-jitter oscillator (SPXO) with LVPECL outputs in compact package

    By Epson 111

  • SG5032EAN Low-Jitter SPXO

    Epson introduces their SG5032EAN which is a low-jitter oscillator (SPXO) with LVPECL outputs in industry standard package

    By Epson 173

  • SG7050EAN Low-Jitter SPXO

    Epson introduces their new SG7050EAN which is a low-jitter oscillator (SPXO) with LVPECL outputs in industry standard package

    By Epson 117

  • FA-118T Series Crystals

    Epson’s FA-118T is not only ultra-miniature, (1.6 mm x 1.2 mm), but it also has an extremely low profile (0.35 mm maximum) so thin that it fits flush in a credit card.

    By Epson 169

  • EG-2121CB/2102CB Series SAW Oscillators

    Epson's EG-2121CB/2102CB is a family of low jitter simple package SAW oscillators (SPSO) that come in a small 5.0 mm x 3.2 mm x 1.4 mm package.

    By Epson 114

  • VG-4231CA Voltage Controlled Oscillators

    Epson's VG-4231CA is a voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) with a wide pull range.

    By Epson 120

  • SG-850x Series Integrated Programmable Oscillators

    Epson's SG-8503CA and SG-8504CA are programmable low jitter crystal oscillators with two and four selectable output frequency options.

    By Epson 138

  • SG7050C*N Crystal Oscillator

    Epson's SG7050C*N is a crystal oscillator with CMOS outputs in an industry standard, 7.0 mm x 5.0 mm x 1.4 mm package.

    By Epson 131

  • FA-20H Series Miniature MHz Crystal

    Epson introduces the FA-20H crystal unit. It is available in a range of frequencies from 12 MHz to 54 MHz, oscillates in the fundamental mode, and is provided in a miniature (2.5 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.5

    By Epson 392