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  • Weather Resistant LED Assemblies

    The weather resistant, IP 67 rated panel mount assemblies are available in steel, brass, and anodized aluminum packages.

    By Bivar Inc 244

  • L2 Starboard Light Engines

    L2 starboard compact light engines have a unique case temperature test point for engineers to confirm the effectiveness of their thermal management.

    By Bivar Inc 123

  • Panel Mount Indicators

    The PM3, PM5, MPC, MPR series panel-mount indicators are available in nylon, quick mount polycarbonate, standard metal.

    By Bivar Inc 147

  • Flexible Light Pipe Indicators

    The FLP, PM3, and PM4 series of flexible light pipe indicators are available in nylon, quick mount flexible polycarbonate and IP 67 rated.

    By Bivar Inc 162

  • Rigid Light Pipes

    Bivar's rigid light pipes including the RLP1, RLP3, RKP3, and RLP4 series are engineered of 94V-0 compliant clear polycarbonate.

    By Bivar Inc 144

  • Surface Mount LEDs

    The HT3 and HT5 series of surface mount LEDs feature a wide viewing angle, low-power consumption, and high luminous intensity.

    By Bivar Inc 317

  • PM5 LED Assembly

    The PM5 3 leaded, bi-color panel mount LED assembly is available in 0.16" protrusion and recessed versions.

    By Bivar Inc 145

  • PM5-M124 Series

    The PM5-M124 metal panel-mount indicators with smart sensing technology have a wide input range (12-24 V) suitable for both AC and DC operation.

    By Bivar Inc 166

  • SM1206 LED Series

    Bivar's SM1206 LED series features a water clear inner lens and high luminous intensity available in industry standard 1206 package.

    By Bivar Inc 134

  • SMD 0603 UV Series LEDs

    Bivar’s UV series LEDs feature a water clear lens and wide-viewing angle in an industry standard 0603 package.

    By Bivar Inc 148

  • PLP1, PLP2, and PLP5 Series Smoke Lenses

    Bivar offers the PLP1, PLP2, and PLP3 series rigid light pipe smoked lenses. They provide quality light distribution, greater ESD protection, and enhanced application design.

    By Bivar Inc 129

  • PLPC, PLW5, and PLPQ Series Rigid Light Pipes

    Bivar's PLPC series (flush-mount), PLW5 series (wide-capture), and PLPQ series (square) rigid light pipes are an optimal solution for directing light from board-mounted LEDs to an outside pane

    By Bivar Inc 148

  • SM Series Mid-Power White LEDs

    Bivar's mid-power surface-mount LEDs offer quality light transmission, even distribution, and enhanced application design.

    By Bivar Inc 141

  • SMD LED SM0402 Series

    Bivar Incorporated's surface-mount 0402 packaged LED is designed to be the ideal choice for smaller handheld devices but can be used in nearly any lighting or indication applications.

    By Bivar Inc 98

  • LPR and LPV Rigid Light Pipes

    Bivar's LPR and LPV rigid light pipes provide zero light bleed at the source and are available in a range of sizes and lens styles.

    By Bivar Inc 130

  • DC Series Deep Channel Card Guides

    The DC series of deep channel card guides for 1/16th, 3/32nd and 1/8th PCBs are available in 21 standard lengths from 2-1/2" to 8" in 1/2 increments.

    By Bivar Inc 148

  • UDD Series Card Guides

    The UDD universal conductive snap-in card guide series features ESD protective coating and pre-installed clips for integrated grounding contact.

    By Bivar Inc 119