• Compact CeraPlas™ for Cold Plasma Technology

    EPCOS’ CeraPlas™ uniquely combines voltage transformation and plasma generation in a single component.

    By EPCOS 134

  • NTC Thermistors for Exact Temperature Measurement

    EPCOS' NTC thermistor's accurate temperature measurement is indispensable in order to initiate countermeasures in good time in the event of impending overheating.

    By EPCOS 69

  • Superior Series PTC Thermistors

    TDK introduces its portfolio of EPCOS PTC thermistors, featuring a series that is particularly suited for the thermal management of IT equipment.

    By EPCOS 48

  • NTC Sensor +650°C

    EPCOS' NTC sensor element is based on a high-temperature ceramic sensor element that is connected to a metallized aluminum oxide rod and then glass-encapsulated.

    By EPCOS 97

  • Eyelet Temperature Sensors

    EPCOS' NTC temperature sensors are easy mounting and good thermal coupling.

    By EPCOS 139

  • High Q Transponder Coils

    TDK offers EPCOS brand transponder coils, designed for critical applications requiring a high level of mechanical stability.

    By EPCOS 402

  • Robust AEC-Q200-Qualified 3D Transponder Coils

    TDK Corporation presents a series of 3D transponder coils with a very high sensitivity level for passive-entry PEPS and other access systems.

    By EPCOS 225

  • B72500E Series Varistors

    The components of EPCOS' B72500E series are lead free and RoHS compatible.

    By EPCOS 214

  • B82476B1 SMT Inductors

    The components of EPCOS' improved and highly reliable B82476B1*M100 series of SMT power inductors are designed for rated currents between 0.33 A and 7.5 A.

    By EPCOS 76

  • B57236S0 | B57237S0 | B57238S0 | B57153S0 Series N

    Featuring an extremely low resistance in their conducting state, EPCOS' Inrush current limiters' power loss is correspondingly low.

    By EPCOS 75

  • B594**C1130B070 Series PTC Thermistors

    EPCOS offers their B594**C1130B070 series of PTC thermistors for inrush current limiters.

    By EPCOS 121

  • UL Approved Inrush Current Limiters

    EPCOS offers their UL approved inrush current limiters for high inrush current surges.

    By EPCOS 104

  • Compact SMT Push-Pull Transformers

    TDK Corporation presents a series of EPCOS SMT push-pull transformers featuring compact dimensions of just 9 mm x 8 mm x 5.7 mm.

    By EPCOS 91

  • T Series ThermoFuse™ Varistors

    EPCOS introduces the T series of ThermoFuse varistors is a housed component, consisting of a disk varistor in series with a thermally coupled fuse.

    By EPCOS 301

  • P27 Series NTC Inrush Current Limiters

    TDK Corporation presents the P27 series of EPCOS NTC inrush current limiters with a nominal disk diameter of 27 mm and lead spacing of 7.5 mm, thus extending the portfolio of large NTC ICLs for in

    By EPCOS 114

  • High-Surge Series Multilayer Varistors

    EPCOS' surge protection series comprises a range of multilayer varistors for protection against severe transient over-voltage and high-surge currents.

    By EPCOS 86

  • Current Sense Transformers

    TDK Corporation presents two series of EPCOS SMT current sense transformers for power electronics, the B78417A and B78419A series.

    By EPCOS 130

  • Chassis Mount and Inverter Drive Filters

    EPCOS' chassis mount and inverter/drive filters by TDK Corporation offer a large variety of high-quality, cost-effective, multi-phase filters designed to reduce the effects of EMI and (or) RFI

    By EPCOS 73

  • Automotive Grade Inrush Current Limiters

    EPCOS introduces their automotive grade inrush current limiters which are ideal for electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications.

    By EPCOS 113

  • UL Approved CTVS Chip Varistors (MLVs)

    EPCOS' high reliability UL approved CTVS chip varistors (MLVs) are ideal for industrial IoT, smart home, safety, and telecommunications applications.

    By EPCOS 116