NKK Switches


NKK Switches
  • TP01 Series - Multi-Touch Resistive Touch Screens

    NKK announces the new TP01 series of analog resistive 4-wire touch screens feature a smooth, light, multi-touch operation.

    By NKK Switches 200

  • FT Series 4-Wire Analog Resistive Touch Screen wit

    NKK's FT series 4-wire analog resistive touch screen with gold-plated tail features anti-glare surface to minimize reflection of fluorescent lights.

    By NKK Switches 260

  • KB/LB/YB Series Indicators

    NKK's KB, LB, and YB series indicators feature laser-etched legends and produce bright, full surface illumination with front panel relamping.

    By NKK Switches 628

  • G3T and G3B Series Ultra-Miniature Surface Mount T

    NKK Switches' G3T and G3B Series Ultra-Miniature Surface Mount Toggle and Pushbutton Switches ideal for handheld equipment. Order now at DigiKey.

    By NKK Switches 183

  • CKM Series

    A highly secure 5 tumbler locking mechanism, the CKM series is great for computers, military, medical devices, and more.

    By NKK Switches 282

  • FP01 Series of Contactless Illuminated Pushbutton

    NKK Switches announces the FP01 Series of contactless illuminated pushbutton switches, ideal for critical and demanding applications.

    By NKK Switches 219

  • YB2 Series Pushbutton Switches

    The YB2 series pushbutton switches are available in both illuminated and non-illuminated options featuring a 1.8mm above panel dimension and IP65 rating.

    By NKK Switches 328

  • YB2 Brushed Chrome Pushbuttons

    Introducing the high quality brushed chrome cap and bezel options for the IP65 rated YB2 series pushbutton switches.

    By NKK Switches 334

  • FM Series of Membrane Switch Keypads

    Available in both 12 or 16 key options these keypads offer an operational life of 1,000,000 operations minimum.

    By NKK Switches 242

  • B Series Illuminated Toggle Switches

    B Series toggle switches include NKK’s Sliding Twin Crossbar contact mechanism to ensure unparalleled switching reliability and smooth positive detent action.

    By NKK Switches 220

  • Frameless OLED Pushbutton SmartDisplay™

    NKK's frameless OLED pushbutton SmartDisplay™ offers high definition, contrast and resolution of 96 x 64 pixels.

    By NKK Switches 376

  • Frameless SmartDisplay™ Development Kit

    NKK Switches offers the frameless OLED SmartDisplay and has also released the IS-DEV KIT-9 which is a development kit with two Frameless OLED SmartDisplays.

    By NKK Switches 740

  • Dual Seal Waterproof M Series Toggle Switches

    NKK’s dual seal waterproof M series toggle switches offer highly reliable, double layer waterproof IP-rated construction suitable for a variety of applications.

    By NKK Switches 208

  • LW Series Rocker Switches

    NKK’s LW series rocker switches are capable of both screw and snap-in mounting, allowing for fast, easy installation of the switch into the panel.

    By NKK Switches 264

  • SB4011 Series Momentary Pushbutton Switches

    The SB4011 series of momentary pushbutton switches from NKK Switches feature a nickel-plated brass bushing, a phenolic resin case, and plunger combined to offer a lightweight switch.

    By NKK Switches 213

  • SS-Series Ultra-Miniature Slide Switch

    NKK’s SS-series ultra-miniature slide switch features both illuminated and non-illuminated options.

    By NKK Switches 249

  • LP01 Series, Super-Bright, Spot-Illuminated Pushbu

    NKK Switches' LP01 series, super-bright, spot-illuminated pushbutton switches feature a short body of .551" (14 mm) which conserves behind-panel space.

    By NKK Switches 193

  • HB Series Subminiature Pushbuttons with LED Illumi

    NKK Switches presents the HB series of subminiature pushbuttons featuring compact and contemporary design, which makes them the preferred choice for a cutting edge appeal on front panel designs.

    By NKK Switches 208

  • SmartDisplay™ LCD 36 x 24 Pushbuttons and Displays

    NKK Switches' SmartDisplay™ LCD 36 x 24 pushbuttons and displays feature a programmable LCD, a variety of LED backlighting colors, and a rubber dome.

    By NKK Switches 219

  • GP01 Series Ultra-Miniature Pushbuttons

    NKK Switches' GP01 series Ultra-Miniature Pushbuttons features a reduced circuit board mounting area which allows for high density mounting.

    By NKK Switches 172