• Vero® Series

    Vero® LED arrays are available in four LES configurations and offer improved beam control and precision lighting with 2 and 3 SDCM color-control standard.

    By Bridgelux 200

  • Chip-on-Board (COB) LED Array V Series™

    The V Series™ of COB LED arrays delivers high-quality light in small, cost-efficient form factors

    By Bridgelux 32

  • Décor Series™ Class-A LED Array

    The Bridgelux Décor Series class-A LED arrays are designed based on behavior studies to match how humans perceive and prefer light.

    By Bridgelux 30

  • EB Series™ Modules

    Bridgelux announces the release of their EB series linear products.

    By Bridgelux 33

  • Vero® SE Series

    Bridgelux’s Vero® SE series eliminates the need to solder with poke-in wire connectivity that simplifies the manufacturing and assembly process, while also lowering the manufacturing cost.

    By Bridgelux 25

  • Vesta® Series LED Arrays

    Bridgelux arrays are fully engineered devices that provide consistent thermal and optical performance on an engineered mechanical platform.

    By Bridgelux 26

  • V Series™ HD Arrays

    Bridgelux’s V Series™ HD arrays deliver high-quality, true-color-reproduction lighting for use in premium applications.

    By Bridgelux 34

  • SMD LED Products

    Bridgelux SMD LED products offer exceptional performance and color quality all in a highly reliable, cost-effective, compact package.

    By Bridgelux 37