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Cree Inc
  • CGHV27200 Telecom Transistor

    A gallium nitride high electron mobility transistor, from Cree, designed specifically for high efficiency, high-gain and wide-bandwidth capabilities.

    By Cree Inc 189

  • LED Module LMR2 Series

    Cree LED modules provide a simple solution for lighting designers and manufacturers to adopt best in class LED lighting from Cree.

    By Cree Inc 225

  • T8 Demonstration Kit for ML-E Series

    This kit was designed to demonstrate the effective light output of Cree's 1/2 watt ML-E product in a T8 tube application.

    By Cree Inc 282

  • XLamp® CXA2011 LED Series

    Cree XLamp CXA2011 LED brings lighting-class reliability and performance to easy-to-use LED arrays.

    By Cree Inc 226

  • XLamp® ML-C LEDs

    The Cree XLamp ML-C LED brings lighting-class reliability and performance to 1/3 W LEDs.

    By Cree Inc 266

  • XT-E and XM-L High Voltage White LEDs

    Optimized for non-directional and small LED replacement lamps, XLamp® XT-E and XM-L high-voltage white LEDs, from Cree, deliver both high lumen output and efficacy.

    By Cree Inc 350

  • XLamp® CXA15xx/CXA25xx LEDs

    Cree introduces the CXA15xx and CXA25xx XLamp LEDs with uniform emitting surfaces to enable both directional and non-directional lighting applications and luminaire designs.

    By Cree Inc 313

  • XQ-B  and XQ-D LEDs

    Cree's XLamp XQ-B LEDs revolutionize mid-power LEDs by delivering lighting-class reliability and a wider spread of light.

    By Cree Inc 167

  • XLamp® MK-R LEDs

    Cree's XLamp MK-R LEDs are build on Cree's SC3 Technology™ platform and have a viewing angle of 120º.

    By Cree Inc 233

  • XLamp® XP-G2 LED

    The XLamp XP-G2 from Cree is optimized for directional, high-lumen applications, from indoor and outdoor to portable and lamp retrofits.

    By Cree Inc 173

  • XLamp® XP-E2 LEDs

    Cree's XP-E2 enables a broad range of high-lumen applications, from indoor and outdoor to portable and lamp retrofits.

    By Cree Inc 153

  • XLamp® XT-E Royal Blue LEDs

    Cree's XLamp XT-E royal Blue is a high performing source of royal blue light for remote phosphor applications and sets standards of efficiency in royal blue LEDs.

    By Cree Inc 133

  • XLamp® XB-D LEDs

    Cree's XB-D LED, available in royal blue, blue, green, red-orange, and red, is optimized to dramatically lower system cost in any illumination application.

    By Cree Inc 254

  • XLamp® XB-D White LEDs

    The XLamp XB-D is Cree’s newest lighting class, XLamp LEDs, bringing the next generation performance and price to LED lighting applications.

    By Cree Inc 181

  • XLamp® XM-L2® LEDs

    Cree's XM-L2 LEDs for lighting applications are ideal for lighting applications where high light output and maximum efficiency are required.

    By Cree Inc 231

  • XLamp XT-E

    XLamp XT-E is Cree’s highest performing direct attach, silicon carbide-based LED technology.

    By Cree Inc 165

  • XLamp® CXA3050 LED

    Cree's XLamp CXA3050 LEDs are available in 2-step and 4-step color consistency with 23-mm optical source.

    By Cree Inc 166

  • LMH2 LED Modules

    Cree's LED modules provide lighting designers and manufacturers with simple, easy-to-adopt LED lighting solutions.

    By Cree Inc 183

  • XP-L Series High-Density Class LEDs

    Cree's XP-L series is the brightest member of the industry’s only family of high-density-class discrete LEDs.

    By Cree Inc 186

  • XLamp® XHP50 & XHP70 LEDs

    Redefine performance to radically lower-system cost with Cree's XLamp XHP50 & XHP70 LEDs

    By Cree Inc 191