• Hall Effect Current Sensors

    HARTING's current sensors have a robust design, making them ideal in harsh conditions for markets such as rail technology and renewable energy.

    By HARTING 122

  • MICA: Modular Industrial Computing Architecture

    HARTING's MICA, modular industrial computing architecture allows easy connection to a wide range of "things" in the industrial internet of things.

    By HARTING 99

  • OLS426 Bluetooth Low Energy Module

    A complete Bluetooth Smart OEM product with UART logic level interface.\r\n\r\n\r\n ConnectBlue\r\n","\r\n\r\n

    By HARTING 140

  • IIoT Starter Kits

    HARTING's starter kits have everything needed for a basic IIoT application and are ideal for those starting with IIoT.

    By HARTING 74

  • DIN 41 612 Connectors

    DIN 41 612 Connectors features comprehensive range of standard, inverse and complementary connector types with solder, crimp, wire-wrap and press-in terminations.

    By HARTING 166

  • Han-Modular® Connector System

    Han-Modular® series is designed for combining different transmission media and different contact types in a single connector.

    By HARTING 216

  • 3B and 3C DIN 41612 Connectors

    The 3B and 3C DIN 41612 connectors, ideal for small PCBs, are available for press-in termination, wave soldering, and SMC processes.

    By HARTING 211

  • har-port USB and Ethernet Coupler

    HARTING's har-port makes control units and industrial computer interfaces accessible from the outside, making it suitable for use in switchboard cabinets.

    By HARTING 378

  • RJ Industrial® 10G Straight

    The field installable RJ 10G straight connector features a future-proof design for 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

    By HARTING 162

  • RJ Industrial® 10G Angled Connector

    Offers maximum flexibility for a wide range of conductor and cable diameters when paired with existing insulation displacement connection technology.

    By HARTING 149

  • har-flex® Mezzanine Connectors

    Har-flex mezzanine connector series is a special feature forming an ideal basis for customized applications.

    By HARTING 253

  • Han-Fast® Lock

    Han-Fast® Lock allows customers to use both the reflow process and standard vacuum pick-and-place systems.

    By HARTING 105

  • har-flexicon®: Pluggable Single Conductor Wir

    An innovative PCB connector technology for the connection of I/O signals of industrial equipment.

    By HARTING 96

  • Ha-VIS eCon Ethernet Switches

    Ha-VIS eCon 2000 and 3000 families allow you to react optimally to every spatial and application situation.

    By HARTING 84

  • PushPull Connectors

    PushPull signal connectors meet the demands of the industry for the reliable transmission of analog, low voltage and bus signals.

    By HARTING 127

  • Han-Yellock

    Harting's Han-Yellock® system can be used with a variety of insulators and contact inserts.

    By HARTING 118

  • Ha-VIS preLink® Ethernet Cabling System

    HARTING's Ha-VIS preLink® Ethernet Cabling System provides device connectivity for the full gamut of industrial applications.

    By HARTING 104

  • HARTING M8/M12 System Cables

    HARTING offers its line of overmolded, M12 D-coded system cables for the quick wiring of Ethernet networks.

    By HARTING 145

  • Han-Eco® Monoblocks

    HARTING's Han-Eco® series monoblocks achieve up to 67 percent higher contact density compared to Han® E standard screw inserts of the same size.

    By HARTING 138

  • Han® Ex Class 1 Division II Connector Series

    HARTING's Han® Ex Class 1, Division II connector series features a vibration-proof connection that provides maximum safety even in demanding applications.

    By HARTING 144